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MUYSA: Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer

MUYSA: Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer

Return to Play Guidelines

Updated: March 26th, 2021

The Massachusetts EEA released updated guidelines for youth sports on March 22nd, 2021. MA Youth Soccer then incorporated those new guidelines into their return to play requirements, effective March 25th, 2021.

Our primary goal is player safety and creating a safe, fun and productive soccer environment. The summary below is based on the complete Massachusetts Youth Soccer Return to Play Guidelines and additional recommendations by MAYS (the regional league in which all of our travel teams participate). If state, MA Youth Soccer and/or local guidelines change we will adapt our policy based on the new information. Note that the 'Indoor Facilities' and 'Tournament Play' guidelines do not apply to the MUYSA program. 

These guidelines require significant extra effort from your child's coaches. Our coaches are volunteers who donate their time to provide the best soccer environment for your children. Please be supportive and respectful as they work to implement these guidelines. 

What is different for the Spring 2021 season?
  • MUYSA recommended spectator limits: 2 parents / guardians per player plus siblings are allowed
  • Masks are required for all coaches and spectators
  • Players are required to wear a mask on the field at all times. Only 'around the ear' styles masks are allowed and players are allowed to lower the mask for a break when 6' or more from others
  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing requirements
  • Additional time between practices / games to limit team crossover
The MUYSA Board, coaches, parents and players all have a role in ensuring we a have safe season. Please review the expectations of each role below. Additional detail is provided in the MA Youth Soccer return to play guidelines linked to from above. 

MUYSA Board of Directors
  • Assign a COVID Safety Lead for the organization (Matt Tengler - [email protected])
  • Educate coaches, parents and players about their responsibilities under the Return to Play Guidelines
  • Supply teams with the safety related equipment needed to implement the Return to Play Guidelines
  • Insure practice and game scheduling meets the Return to Play Guidelines
Coaches / Team COVID Coordinators
  • Wear a mask and maintain 6' distance from players
  • Assign a team COVID-19 Coordinator to oversee compliance at the team level
  • Educate and remind players about their responsibilities 
  • Have approved Hand Sanitizer available at all practices and games 
  • Disinfect any shared equipment after practices (e.g., cones)
  • Do not allow players to share equipment, including pinnies and GK gloves
  • Take attendance at every practice and game 
  • Read and understand the Coaches Toolkit provided by MA Youth Soccer
  • Follow the 2 parents / guardians per player plus siblings spectator recommendation
  • Arrive for practices or games within 5 minutes of the designated time. If you are early, wait in the car. Leave immediately following the game or practice 
  • Wear a mask and maintain at least 6' social distance from other family groups on the sidelines and 8ft from the sideline itself 
  • Verify that your child does not have a fever above 100.4 before sending them to any practice or game
  • Verify that your child is not displaying any symptoms before sending them to any practice or game. Symptom include a sore throat, new cough, runny nose (not allergy related), muscles aches, shortness of breath and/or the loss of sense of smell or taste 
  • Do not congregate in parking lots or general access areas
  • Make sure players have their own equipment for every practice and game: appropriately sized and inflated soccer ball, water, GK gloves (if applicable) and pinnie (if applicable). Sharing of equipment will not be allowed
  • Wear a mask before entering, while on the sideline, and after leaving the playing field
  • Wear a mask as required during play and only lower the mask for a break when 6' or more from others. Note that 'Gaiter' type masks will not be allowed on the playing field (dangerous equipment if pulled)
  • Maintain 6' of social distance between others while on the sidelines and between personal belongings
  • Bring your own equipment to each game and practice: appropriately sized and inflated soccer ball, water, GK gloves (if applicable) and pinnie (if applicable)
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently
  • Do not touch training equipment (e.g., cones) besides your own ball except for in the normal course of play 
  • Do not high-five, fist bump or touch other players except for in the normal course of play 
Additional questions or concerns can be sent to [email protected] 

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