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U10 through U16 Age Groups:

Ages U10 through U14 are travel-based, U10-U14 play on Saturday, U16 on Sunday. For the Fall season, players will be notified by coaches in early-to-mid August. For the Spring season, players will be notified by coaches by the middle of February. League rosters are submitted and are subject to change, so we wait until rosters are finalized before contacting parents and players. Travel teams are created based on relative skill level and registration numbers. Player placements are based on coaches evaluations and skill evaluations (age group dependent) and subject to the final approval of the Age Group Coordinator. Changes are rarely made.  While requests can be made to place children together for friendship or transportation reasons, we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted if players are not of similar skill.

 U07 and U08:

Ages U07 and U08 are “in-town” and are small sided format to ensure lots of touches on the ball and development of skills. U7 teams have a combined practice and game on Saturday mornings, U8 teams have a practice during the week, and games on Saturday.  Attempts are made to balance the teams. We do try to blend teams with both Mendon and Upton children as well as ability. Requests can be made to pair children together for social reasons, however, in the spirit of creating relatively equal teams, we cannot guarantee all requests. Due to the “in-town” nature of the program, we have more flexibility with deadlines, etc. Players and parents are generally notified within a week or 2 of the start of the season.


The U06 age group is entirely skill development based. A curriculum is followed to ensure fun and lots of touches on the ball. There are NO games, however, the kids get a chance to play in very small-sided formats, such as 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 to start to encourage teamwork. However, due to their age, we have found that work on individual skills is more beneficial as they all “want the ball”. As they get older, the become more aware of their teammates and are able to pass the ball. Players and parents are generally notified within a week or 2 of the start of the season. 

Children playing in the U06 program must be in kindergarten during the season(s) in which they play. No exceptions.

Current Birthdates for Fall 2014 Seasons
Age Group Born on or after Born on or before Deadline Fee
Under 18 Aug 1, 1996 July 31, 1998 TBD $75.00
Under 16 Aug 1, 1998 July 31, 2000 TBD $75.00
Under 14 Aug 1, 2000 July 31, 2002 TBD $75.00
Under 12 Aug 1, 2002 July 31, 2004 TBD $75.00
Under 10 Aug 1, 2004 July 31, 2006 TBD $75.00
Under 8 Aug 1, 2006 July 31, 2007 TBD $50.00
Under 7 Aug 1, 2007 July 31, 2008 TBD $50.00
Under 6 Aug 1, 2008 July 31, 2009 TBD $50.00

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Age Group Specific Formats and Additional Information

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