Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: September 7th, 2004 Start: 7:25pm Adjourned 9:35

Present: Ken Perregaux, Don Morin, Mark Fitzgerald, Ed Mullarkey, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, Mike Poe, Rich Mayzel, Mike Compagna, Rob Walters, Chris Shimp, Brian Mazar, Dave Rizzo, Eric Robinson, Bob Dumas, Jeff Finch, Dan Belanger, Valerie Sumner, Chuck McWilliams, Tony Adcock, Mike Lynch, Damian Morrison, Mark Murray, Stephan Talon, Stephen Sullivan, Mark McGowan, Sue Hamilton

Agenda / Discussion

Special Note: In order to vote, a person has to be present at two of the last three meetings.

1. Approve previous month’s minutes: passed – meeting notes for August not presented
2. Fall Soccer
a. CMYSL Update – Coaches have to have signed rosters and referee cards for home games. No standings are kept in the fall and no win/loss records are kept.
b. Registrations – There are close to 700 kids registered. For the most part, registrations are closed and teams are being finalized.
c. U10 Travel – There are 11 U10 Travel teams and a total of 22 travel teams overall.
d. Field Use – U6&7 are at the High School. U8’s are at Hood Field. U10’s are Miscoe Hill School. U12 and 14 Girls are at Kiwanis Beach Field. U12 and 14 Boys are at Grover Field.

3. Coaches Education: Mike Poe provided the following report:
a. The “F” course will cost $55.00 per person. Each person is responsible to pay the $55.00 up front and will be reimbursed by MUYSA when the course is completed. The course has been rescheduled for September 26. At least 15 people are required to have a course. Currently only 3 people have signed up, it will be opened to other towns to make up the 15 required people.
b. The State Developmental instructional coaching session will be scheduled for early spring.

4. Referee Coordinator: Ken Perregaux provided the following report:
a. MUYSA will only schedule the U7 and U8 games. U10 and above will be done by the league. The U7 and U8 coordinators need to provide their schedules to Chris Wojtowicz as soon as possible to ensure Referee’s are available for games this season.
b. A sub-committee was created to determine a better method to pay the MUYSA referee’s. Some kids from last year had not been paid or were paid late. Also, scheduling the games should be done at the start of the season to avoid. The sub-committee members are, Chris Shimp and Mike Campagna.
c. The yearly certification course for referee’s is no longer available in Milford.
5. Field Updates:
a. Grover – Coordinator Ed Mullarkey: The irrigation system has to be completed. It should be operational in two weeks. The No Parking signs have been installed on the opposite side of the field. The MUYSA web site has been updated with the parking requirements. All coaches should inform the opposing coach of the parking requirements.
b. Miscoe – Coordinators Mark Murray / Mike Poe: There are two fields at the Miscoe School. New net’s are needed at the fields.

Don Morin proposed releasing the $5,000.00 in escrow for the irrigation system the football boosters are installing. The current plan is to just do the football field. A letter of understanding between the Football Boosters and MUYSA will be generated to ensure no additional funds are requested. The motion was unanimously approved.

c. Hood Field – Coordinator Dave Adams: Don Morin stated the insurance binder to use the field is in place. Hood Field is actually private property that MUYSA uses.
d. Kiwanis Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald: The center of Kiwanis Field is 4” lower than the sides. To correct the situation and crown the field, approximately 1000 yds of topsoil are needed. The expected total expense is $12,000.00 to $18,000.00 dollars. There is currently $7,000.00 dollars in the town fund that could be used for this project. There was no extra topsoil from the West River Field project. The work may be scheduled for this spring.
e. West River Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald: The field has been seeded and is growing in fine. The field may be ready for the spring. It will be used as a U10 field.
f. High School – Coordinator Ken Perregaux: Will be used for U6 and U7. We are using the practice soccer field.

Ken Perregaux proposed renting a storage container for the High School Field for storing equipment for the U6 and U7 program. The motion was unanimously approved.

g. Clough School - Coordinator : The new area in the back of the scholl has been walked down. It will only support a U10 size field. MUYSA will request use of Clough Field in the spring.
h. Memorial School – Coordinator : Baseball and softball use the open area in the spring. MUTSA will request to use the outfield area in the fall.
6. Equipment Update: Chris Shimp provided the following report:
a. Game balls are available tonight. First Aid Kits, Ice Packs, Pinneys, or Flags, please make a request to Chris.
b. Please let Chris know if you pass practice balls, i.e. size 4, to a younger team.
c. Another quote was received for practice balls. The balls being tested now were $10.00. A Select Ball with the MUYSA logo will be $20.00. The balls being tested now are prone to air loss. The goal is to have a ball for everyone in the spring.
d. Trophies – some teams are giving out trophies, other teams are not. As a club is should be consistent between age groups and teams. There may be a two reasons for providing trophies, 1. participation, 2. if a team goes on to the MTOC’s etc. In lieu of trophies, a size 1 logo soccer ball could be provided for participation.

Chris Schimp proposed buying trophies for $3.50 for U8’s and above for participation. There was no second motion, the motion was denied.

e. Chris will check into the cost of the size 1 balls.

Mike Campagna proposed to purchase trophies for U7, U7, and U8 and skill balls for U10, U12, and U14 as participation awards. The motion was seconded by Chris Schimp. The motion was denied by the club members present.

f. An update for uniforms at the Soccer Spot was provide by Mark Fitzgerald:
i. The Soccer Spot was informed U8 and U10 need the reversible jerseys.
ii. U12 and U14 need the collared jersey’s or the reversible jersey’s.
iii. U6 and U7 will be provided Tee shirts
iv. A sign will be posted to inform parents when they are at the Soccer Spot.
7. Database Admin Updates – discussion was tabled, Mike Brodeur was traveling.
a. Back-ups
b. Costs going forward
c. Online Registration
8. Website Changes
a. New Web Service: This issue will be investigated further.
b. Some URL’s are bad: we have 4 URL’s two have expired. Two are still in use. Sue Hamilton will renew the expired URL’s
9. Other Items
a. If you have schedule problems, please contact Mike Brodeur.
b. Field maps to other towns are located on the or website under fields.
10. Next Meeting Date – October 5th at 7:15.

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