Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Jun. 1, 2004


Present: Don Morin, Ken Perregaux, Mark Fitzgerald, Mike Poe, Mark Murray, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, Ed Mullarkey, Mike Merrigan, Gene Peterman, Chris Schimp, Dan Belanger, Mark Bianchi, Stephan Talon, Damien Morrison, Tony Adcock, Rich Mayzel.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:26 PM.

The Minutes of the March, April & May meetings were approved as written.

Spring Season 2004 Review:

1. Don Morin noted a few games were played without referees. All U10 coaches are asked to provide referee feedback to Chris W.
2. All coaches are reminded to fill out the evaluation forms for players so that placements can be made for the fall season divisions.

Fall 2004 Update (Mike Brodeur):

1. CMYSL starts August 28th and ends October 30th. Make up games will be scheduled for Sundays.
2. There are updated rules for large and small town divisions. You can have no more than three (3) MAPLE players on a D2 team. Teams with more than three (3) MAPLE players will be placed in Large Town D1.
3. Team placements are due by July 1st, rosters by July 31st.

Ken Perregaux noted that registration went out late this year for the fall season older age groups and that coaches may want to call players to make sure registrations are received by the deadline.

Ken Perregaux noted that 146 emails were sent to the U10 age group regarding an out of town travel program. He reported that 80% of the feedback was in favor of a travel program. Ken made a motion to travel all MUYSA U10’s for the fall 2004 season. Gene Peterman seconded the motion. There was a general discussion that followed. The motion was put to a vote and carried unanimously.

Ken Perregaux, MUYSA President, reviewed the age group coordinators for the fall 2004 season as listed below:

Boys Age Group Girls
Pete Bloznalis / Mike Poe U6 Pete Bloznalis / Mike Poe
? U7 Karen Rogers
Dave Adams U8 Mark Fitzgerald
Mike Brodeur / Val Sumner U10 Mike Poe / Ken Perregaux
Keith Jackson U12 Mark Murray
Pete Bloznalis U14 Mike Brodeur/ Mark Fitzgerald


It was noted that Mark Bianchi and Damien Morrison would help coach at the U6 level.

Mark Murray and Keith Jackson will be contacting all U12 Boys and Girls regarding tryouts for the fall 2004 D1 teams respectively. Independent evaluators will be used to determine players’ placements.

Mike Brodeur spoke with the Data Base manager, Rob Walters, with regards to future software recommendations. Mike needs to research this further and will report back to the club in the future. Ken P. noted there was some D.O.B. information needed for coaches.

Officer Elections:

Mike Brodeur nominated Don Morin for a three (3) year term as Treasurer. Keith Jackson seconded the motion. No discussion. The motion carried unanimously.

Ken Perregaux nominated Mike Brodeur for a three (3) year term as Registrar. Mark Fitzgerald seconded the motion. No discussion. The motion carried unanimously.

There were no nominations for the position of Secretary. Mark Fitzgerald’s three (3) year term has expired. Mark Fitzgerald volunteered to continue with the duties on a month-by-month basis until a volunteer steps forward.

Don Morin announced that his term as MAYS coordinator was expiring at the end of the Spring 2005 season. Don is looking for a volunteer to help him this spring with the intentions of replacing this position next summer. Keith Jackson expressed some interest and will coordinate with Don.

Mike Brodeur, CMYSL Coordinator is beginning the first of a three (3) year term this Fall 2004 season.

Mike Poe was nominated by Mike Brodeur to replace him as MUYSA Educational Coordinator. Mark Fitzgerald seconded the motion. No discussion. The motion carried unanimously.

Referee Coordinator update was tabled until a future meeting.

Ken Perregaux thanked Don Morin and Mark Fitzgerald for the several years of service as officers of the club and presented both of them with a gift on behalf of MUYSA.

Ed Mullarkey, Grover Field Coordinator reported that the installation of the electrical service for the irrigation system would be completed by the end of June. Ed reported that Don Morin had worked with MAYS to reschedule all of the remaining games at Grover field at two (2) hour intervals in order to help ease the traffic and parking congestion in the neighborhood.

Field Status Review:

Miscoe Hill – Poor condition – off line for fall - football
Hood - All set for fall 2004
Kiwanis - Offline for fall 2004 – resurfacing
West River - Offline for fall 2004 – under construction
Clough School - Offline for fall 2004 – under construction
Memorial School - Offline for fall 2004 – under construction
Grover Field - All set for fall 2004 – scheduling
Mendon Country Barn – look into possibility

Chris Schimp, MUYSA Equipment Coordinator, introduced a new MUYSA soccer ball with club name and logo on it. Chris passed out some of the balls to coaches to try them out. Chris has plenty of stock of paint, nets, flags, ice packs and first aid kits. Please see Chris if you require any of the above.

Mark Fitzgerald displayed the new design for the T-Shirts for the U6 & U7 program. Each participant in the fall 2004 program will receive a T-Shirt. Mark will place the order for the shirts and distribute to the coordinators.

Mark Murray, MUYSA Scholarship Committee Chairman, reported that scholarship applications for the graduating class had been received and reviewed by all committee members. It was voted to award scholarships to Jake Mazar and Wally Ramsey. Mark will send notification letters to all who applied for the scholarships.

Mark Fitzgerald reminded all present that Gary Crompton’s Soccer 101 summer camp has been scheduled for the week of August 2-6 at Miscoe Hill School. Please find sign up information on our website at Go to the bottom of the Home page and click on the link to Soccer 101 Camps. Registration forms can be obtained there.

The next MUYSA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5, 2004 at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden, Upton, MA.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 PM.


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