Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Jan. 6, 2004


Present: Don Morin, Ken Perregaux, Mark Fitzgerald, Mike Poe, Ed Mullarkey, Artie DiGregorio, Mark Murray, Gordon Scott, Bill Alexander, Tony Adcock, Rob Walters, Chris Schimp, Mike Brodeur, Sue Hamilton.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:22 PM.

Artie DiGregorio made a motion to approve the December Minutes as written. Ed Mullarkey seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Ed Mullarkey, Grover field coordinator, stated that the electrical connections for the irrigation system would be wired in the near future. Ed noted that the street “No Parking During Sporting Events” signs have been modified and completed. Mark Fitzgerald reminded everyone that Kiwanis Beach field would be offline in the spring for repairs. He also stated that the West River Street project is planned to undergo construction in the spring of 2004.

There was a general discussion regarding the U10 referee scheduling for the spring 2004 season as MAYS offered to perform this task for a fee. Ed Mullarkey made a motion that MUYSA continue the existing scheduling of the Referees for this spring. Mark Fitzgerald seconded the motion. After a general discussion the motion carried unanimously.

Chris Schimp, MUYSA Equipment Coordinator, is waiting for pricing from the Soccer Spot on individual player balls with the MUYSA logo. The plan is to provide all players, U10 and above, in the MUYSA program with an individual ball. Players would be responsible for bringing their own ball to each practice and game. Chris also noted that he had ordered six (6) more PUG nets for the U6 & U7 program. Mark Fitzgerald will coordinate the spring order for the player’s uniforms, coach’s jackets and shirts with the Soccer Spot.

Rob Walter’s reported that approximately 350 players have registered for the spring season. Rob noted that the older age divisions are closed and that the U6, U7 & U8 age group registrations are open until March 15th, 2004. Rob also noted that he would be working on a reconciliation of the MYSA Kids Safe program.

Don Morin, MAYS Coordinator, reported that the deadline for the number of teams and divisional placements is this Sunday, January 11, 2004. Rosters and pass cards for players and coaches are due in four (4) weeks, February 11, 2004. Don will be working with age group coordinators on team placements and rosters.

Ken Perregaux announced that tryouts for the U14 Girls Division 1 team were held. There were twenty-five (25) players that either attended or expressed an interest for the tryout. Tina Cleverdon, a former MUYSA player and assistant coach, has volunteered to coach the team for the spring season. Independent evaluators were present at the tryout.

Ken Perregaux announced that the Miscoe Hill lower gym would be available Monday-Friday during March for early evening indoor practices. Please see Ken to schedule a practice time.

Mike Brodeur, MUYSA Educational Director, announced that MUYSA is sponsoring a coaches “G License Course” (4 hour course). The course will be held on March 27th, from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the Miscoe Hill Lower Gym. This is an introductory course with no prior coaching experience necessary. Please find sign up information on our website at Mike also noted that a coaches “F License Course” (8 hour course) is being offered in Grafton, on March 13th, from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, at the High School. There was a general discussion regarding upcoming events such as a goal keepers clinic and model session. Mike will report back to the club with scheduling information. Mark Fitzgerald is working on scheduling the Vacation Days Soccer Clinic and will give an update at the next meeting.

Ken Perregaux submitted a draft for discussion regarding the future responsibilities of the Registrar and the division of duties. The items were tabled for consideration and future discussion.

Ken Perregaux noted that a volunteer for answering the telephone hotline is still needed.

Sue Hamilton, MUYSA Website Manager, reviewed proposed updates to the Website with regards to closed and open registrations and additional News & Events. It was agreed that the proposed changes be made in order to keep the hotline calls down to a minimum.

Artie Digregorio, By Law Committee Member, made a motion to accept the proposed changes to the By-Laws that were submitted and discussed at an earlier meeting with regards to the Web Site Control Policy. Ed Mullarkey seconded the motion. After a general discussion the motion carried unanimously.

Don Morin, MUYSA Treasurer, noted that the club had set aside funds for an irrigation project at the Miscoe Hill field many years ago. Don mentioned that we needed to expend the funds or reclass them as part of our annual financial statement. After a general discussion this item was tabled until a future meeting.

Ken Perregaux announced that MUYSA had received an invitation to enter teams (or send a donation) into a Sandwich, MA soccer tournament. The tournament was being held to raise money for a Cape Cod player that had been stricken with cancer. After a general discussion it was decided not to send a donation on behalf of the club.

There was a general discussion regarding the Scholarship Committee as three (3) new volunteers are needed. Mark Murray agreed to Chair the committee. Mike Brodeur and Mark Fitzgerald agreed to be members as well. They will coordinate with the school regarding applications for the senior class.

The next MUYSA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 3, 2004 at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM.

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