Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Aug. 3, 2004


Meeting Date: August 3rd, 2004 Start: 7:25pm Adjourned 9:07

Present: Ken Perregaux, Don Morin, Mark Fitzgerald, Mike Brodeur, Ed Mullarkey, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, Mike Poe, Rich Mayzel, Mike Compagna, Rob Walters, Chris Shimp, Brian Mazar, Dave Rizzo

Agenda / Discussion

1. Approve previous month’s minutes: passed – no meeting notes for July.
2. Fall Soccer
a. CMYSL Update – Final team placements are in progress. Final schedules will be out in mid-August. The U12 Girls will have 3 teams. The season starts Saturday, September 11th, 2004.
b. Registrations – There are 454 registrations received. Currently light in U8’s. Registrations are now closed.
3. Elections
a. Officers
i. Secretary – Ed Mullarkey was elected to the Secretary position.
b. MAYS Coordinator – Keith Jackson was elected to co-chair the as the MAYS Coordinator with Don Morin.
4. Coaches Education: – An “F” course will be held at Miscoe School on Sunday September 12th. The club will try to put together a model training session for the coaches. Andy Nelson is the MA state representative for coaching development. As a club, we lack goalie training. The club will also try to set up a model goalie training session.
5. Referee Coordinator - No update. Mike Brodeur will check with the league to ensure they are scheduling referee’s for U10 and above. Chris will be responsible for U8.
6. Field Updates:
a. Grover Field – Field will be used for U12 and above. Games start times will be schedule 2 hours apart. Only the boy’s teams will have games and practice at Grover. The irrigation system will be operation soon.
b. Miscoe Field – Field will be used for U10’s. The goals at the field need 2 new nets. The existing nets are worm out. A U10 Coordinator is still needed for the field.
c. Hood Field – Field will be used for U8’s. A U8 Coordinator is still needed for the field.
d. Kiwanis Field – Field will be used for U12 and above. Only the girls teams will have games and practice at Kiwanis. No work to crown the field has started yet. An engineering evaluation will be performed to determine the amount of top soil needed. The work will be scheduled for the spring when there are historically less U12 and above teams.
e. West River Field – Field will be used for U10’s. The field is seeded and may be ready for the spring season. There are 35 parking spaces.
f. Mendon Memorial Park – will request the outfield for U6 and U7.
g. Additional – A request has been made to use the fields at the High School for the fall.
7. Equipment Update – No Update – If you are short balls, pinney’s, etc call Chris Schimp directly. Also field coordinators, if you need paint, call Chris.
8. Data Base Admin Updates
a. Back-ups – currently there is no back up policy for the clubs database.
b. Costs going forward – Rob Walters has rebuilt the data base. Rob may not continue to maintain the data base in the spring. The club has to develop a plan for going forward. One possibility may be to look into on-line registrations. This item will continue to be evaluated.
9. Website Changes – Minor updates to the Web Site can be approved by a club officer. Major changes i.e. links to other web sites will require approval of the club at a meeting. Hank will no longer be hosting the MUYSA Web Site as he is moving. Mike Brodeur will put together a draft specification to go out to bid to have the Web Site hosted. Mark McGowen will take a look at the Web Site to determine if his company can host the MUYSA Web Site.
10. Team Pictures – There is no interest at this time to have team pictures taken.
11. Other Items – No Items
12. Next Meeting – September 7th, 2004 at 7:15pm
13. Meeting Adjourned 8:07pm.

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