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Good coaches are the life blood of any sporting organization - MUYSA is no exception. At all age and skill levels, MUYSA coaches are volunteers, typically parents of players. Playing experience is not a requirement for coaching in MUYSA, however, good sportsmanship, knowledge or demonstrated desire to learn the sport and time to attend practices and games are necessary. If you would like to be a coach and get involved in the game of soccer, please check the appropriate boxes on your child's registration form. We will pay for G, F, and E youth soccer license courses provided by the Mass Youth Soccer organization.

Here is the
link with information about upcoming MA Youth Soccer courses from the MA Youth Soccer website (note: click on Coaching Courses/Clinic Event category once you get to the MA Youth Soccer page). Here is a link to MA Youth Soccer course descriptions.  Below is a brief description of the courses. 






Designed primarily for novice or experienced coaches of U6 thru U10 players. Focus is to help you to become a more resourceful and confident "activity leader".




A more ambitious introductory course for novice or experienced coaches of U10 thru U12 teams. Combines "activity leader" with basic theory and practical exercises.




This course combines soccer theory and practice.  Designed primarily for experienced coaches of U10 thru U14 teams.




A rigorous course for experienced coaches of U12 thru U16 club, town or high school teams.  Three or four years experience coaching older (U14+) players is recommended.



 Continued improvement in quality of coaching is a vital part of furthering our Club's player development and overall success. By advancing your coaching license, Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer will be one of the more progressive soccer organizations in the state by leveraging the positively evolving standards in coach and player development. As we move towards this goal, it is crucial that coaches attend one of the state license courses. This will help your confidence in working with your teams and ensure that our players are developing properly.

For coaches that can not find the time nor a convenient license course, we invite you to attend coaching clinics offered by MUYSA. These clinics will be held at various times during the year.  Please check this website for the dates and times of any in-house clinics scheduled.

If you have any questions about coaching, please contact Mike Poe.

Coaches Information
Coaches Code of Conduct License Course Descriptions:   G Course;   F Course;   E Course;   D Course  
Coaches Education FAQ Coaches Checklist CORI form
Uniform FAQ Santa Monica ACL Prevention Hydration Guidelines
U07 Games: Format, Rules, and Expectations
U08 Games: Format, Rules, and Expectations
MA Youth Soccer Online G-Course
Player Development Curriculums
MYSA Curriculum U06 Skills Program U07 Coaches Guide U7-U8 Handbook U9-U10 Handbook

Video Library:

Soccer Footskills


Passing Exercise (U08 and up)
Passing and Receiving (U08 and up)
Receiving with Open Body Stance
Movement off the Ball


U10-U12 Shooting Game
Proper Shooting Technique
Shooting with Power


How to Defend (1st Defender)
How to Defend (2nd Defender)
Team Defending

Switching Fields

Moving Out of Pressure

How to become faster

Basic Keeper Training Drills
Keeper Diving Drills

Sports Nutrition Information
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