Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes May 2005


Meeting Date: May 3rd, 2005                Start: 7:40pm                Adjourned 8:50pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Mark Murray, Chris Wojtowicz, Michael Merrigan, Rich Victor, Mark Fitzgerald, Mark McGowan, Stephen Talon, Pete Bloznalis, Brian Mazar  


Agenda / Discussion


1.      Approve previous month’s minutes: Passed, meeting minutes will be provided next month.  


2.      Spring Soccer

    1. MAYS Update – The season is going. Please make every effort to complete any make-up games.   The MAYS Fall Season meeting will be held tomorrow night at 7:30.  Ken Perregaux will attend to get the information on the upcoming fall season. 

b.      Field Updates:

                                                               i.      Grover Field – Field is used for U12 and above.  Continue to let the opposing team coaches know that parking is only allowed on one side of the street and to obey posted parking signs.   

                                                             ii.      Hood Field – Field will be used for U10’s practices and for the U6&7 program on Saturdays.   The field is not lined and can not be used for U10 make-up games. 

                                                            iii.      Kiwanis Field – Offline for repairs.

                                                           iv.      West River Field – Field is used for U8’s.  The grass cover is thin, but the field is dry.   

                                                             v.      High School – Can’t use for make-up games on Sundays.  The field is already reserved from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  Mark Murray will talk to Mr. St.Germain to identify if the field can be used.

                                                           vi.      Clough School – Jay Byer has requested MUYSA to fertilize the field.  MUYSA will fertilize the field if we can use it in the fall.  Don Morin will fill out the Field Usage Request Form.  Ed Mullarkey will coordinate with Paul Hazard from Tru-Green to have a contract for fertilizing Clough School. 


Don Morin motioned to expend monies to fertilize Clough Field.  The motion was seconded by Mike Brodeur.  The motion passed unanimously.


    1. U10 Makeup and Night Games – Makeup games will have to be played at the opposing team's field.  This may change if the High School field can be used on Sundays. 
    2. U8, U7&6 Update – the U8 program is going fine.  The U7 program has 30 children and going fine.  The U6 program has 60 children and is also going fine.  The discussion items from the last meeting have been worked out. 


3.      Fall:

    1. Registration Deadlines – The Club will be playing in the MAYS fall league.  More information on deadlines will be provided at tomorrow nights meeting.  Mike Brodeur will be getting the Fall registration Forms out to coaches shortly.  Mike will also do a delivery of forms to Clough, Memorial, and Miscoe Hill schools.  A direct mailing may also be used to players who did not play in the spring but played last fall.   
    2. MAYS – MUYSA is committed to MAYS this fall.  Ken will find out tomorrow if there will be a U16 Division in the fall.   


4.      Coaches Education:

    1. Videos available in the Upton Town Library – The model coaching session held March 6th at Miscoe Hill gym conducted by Gary Crompton  can bee seen in Upton on Channel 12 at 3:30 every day.  There are 20 copies of the  U8 session available in the Upton Library. 


5.      Referee Coordinator: Chris Wojtowicz provided the following update:

    1. In Town Update – the games are scheduled and it is going well.


Chris Wojtowicz motioned to increase the U7 pay from $5.00 to $7.50 per game.  The motion was seconded by Mike Merrigan.  The motion passed unanimously.


6.      Equipment Update: 

    1. Equipment Coordinator – Chris Schimp was not available for an update. The membership provided that there are new nets at the High School and a paint machine has been provided to West River. 
    2. Soccer Balls and Trophies –It is still planned to provide each player with a ball at the end of the season.
    3. Uniforms

                                                               i.      It is discouraged to modify the white Tee shirts provided to U6 and U7 players.  The children may not be on the same teams in the next session.    

    1. Coaches Shirts and Jackets – If your black coaching shirt is worn out, see Pete Bloznalis and he will provide you a new one.  Mark Fitzgerald has approximately 30 various jackets left.  If a coach (head or assistant) has participated in 5 successive sessions, a jacket will be provided.  If someone would like to purchase a jacket they are $15.00.


7.      Website Changes:

    1. New website/ PR person – Dave Adams has volunteered to update the web site with changes.  Ken Perregaux will take over the Public Relations duties in the short term.  Mike Brodeur will contact the Town Crier for the upcoming registration notifications and deadlines.   
    2. Mike Brodeur reminded everyone that the is still active and can be used by coaches for evaluation purposes.  Mike has set up his team on the site and it works well to automatically send out notifications to the team. 


8.      Scholarship Committee Update – Two winners have been identified.  The winners were discussed with the Board and approved. 


9.      Summer 101:

    1. April Vacation Camp – 15 participants. It was a great camp. The cost of the school increased from $125.00 to $400.00 for the 4 days.  The camp ran from the 9:00am to 1:00pm.  .
    2. Summer Camp (August 1st – August 4th) – Soccer 101 camp to be offered by Gary Crompton.  It is either a full day camp or a ½ day camp.  Mike Brodeur will put a notification of the camp in the Town Crier. A link to Soccer101 is available through the website.


10.  Team Pictures – Morin Studios will be coordinating and taking pictures as part of the fall program.  Mike Poe will coordinate the effort between the Club and Morin studios.


11.  Contact Sheet for Town Clerks – Don Morin prepared an outline of the Club for the town clerk's office.  This will be put in the Mendon Town Clerks Office for reference.  Mark Fitzgerald will provide a copy to the Upton Town Clerk's Office.


Don Morin reviewed and motioned the outline to be provided to the town clerks be approved.  The motion was seconded by Mike Brodeur.  The motion passed unanimously



12.  Undocumented “Duties” going forward

    1. We need a document that contains all of these to pass forward as people leave the club – Ken Perregaux expressed the need to start to document some of the responsibilities that members of the Club perform that are not documented.  For example: field requests, fertilizer contracts, insurance for hood Field, etc.  If people will email these duties to Ken, he will put them in a document to be used in the future.


13.  Town Soccer Night at the Revs (June 25th) - Mike Campagna will look into what is required for the Club to go to the game.  Mike will provide a report at the next meeting.


14.  Other Items:

    1. Mike Brodeur wanted to recognize Don Morin and Keith Jackson for the work in being the club representatives to MAYS.  Mike gained an appreciation for the work involved after being the representative to the CMYSL last fall.  Mike commented “Don is an extraordinary guy who carries a lot of the success of MUYSA on his shoulders.  If it wasn’t for Don, the Club would not be as successful as it is today.  Thanks Don.”  All in attendance also expressed thanks to Don.
    2. Public Relations Director – Mike Brodeur suggested a new position be added to the MUYSA Board.  The position of Public Director would be used to interface with other organizations in the towns to promote the Club and fund raising.  This item will be added to future Club agendas for discussion.  


15.  Next Meeting Date – June 7th at 7:15, Rose Garden Café.


Don Morin motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:50.  The motion was seconded by Mike Brodeur.  The motion passed unanimously.