Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes June 2005


Meeting Date: June 7th, 2005                Start: 7:25pm                Adjourned 8:38pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Mark Murray, Chris Schimp, Michael Merrigan, Mike Poe, Mark Fitzgerald, Tracey Higgins, Pete Bloznalis, Dave Adams  


Agenda / Discussion


1.      Approve previous month’s minutes: Passed, meeting minutes will be provided next month.  


2.      Spring Soccer

    1. MAYS Update – The season went well overall.  The U16 Boys are in the playoffs. 
    2. U8, U7&6 Update – The U6 program had a poor turn out.  70 children  had signed up, but only 35 participated.  This may have been due to other sports or the late start of the season because of the wet conditions.   The U7 program had approximately 30 children and went well.  The U8 program went very well.  West River field was a good size and parking was great.  The program was well attended, the Referee’s did well, and the coaching was excellent.   

3.      Fall:

    1. Registration Deadlines – The Club will be playing in the MAYS fall league.  Mike Brodeur is processing forms at a rate of 15 to 20 per day.  Mike will get out the unregistered list this coming week.  Age Group Coordinators should start to get with the coaches to develop the number of teams and Divisions for the fall. 
    2. U12s 8v8 or 11v11 – MAYS is requesting feed back from the clubs on playing 8v8 or 11v11.  Four of the ten leagues in the state run an 8v8 program.  MAYS may be moving towards an 8v8 format in the future.  All clubs may be forced to an 8v8 format in the Spring because the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) may go in that direction.  For the fall MAYS will be running both 8v8 and 11v11.  After a discussion, it was decided the U12’s will field:

                                                               i.      U12 Boys: D1 will be 11v11, D2 and D3 will be 8v8.

                                                             ii.      U12 Girls: D1 will be 11v11, D2 and D3 will be 8v8.

    1. Tryouts – the only tryouts scheduled are U12 Boys and Girls.  The format will be similar to other tryouts in the past with small sided games and evaluators assessing the players.  Tryouts will be held on two dates.  The following dates have been decided:

                                                               i.      U12 Boys – 6/20, second date TBD.

                                                             ii.      U12 Girls – 6/12 and 6/16.

    1. Deadlines – At the June 26th MAYS meeting the number of teams, divisions, and preliminary rosters are required.  Age group coordinators should be setting up meetings with coaches to prepare the information for the June 26th meeting.
    2. Team Picture Updates – Mike Poe will coordinate this effort in the fall with Morin Studios.

f.        Field Updates:

                                                               i.      Grover Field – Field is used for U12 and above.  Continue to let the opposing team coaches know that parking is only allowed on one side of the street and to obey posted parking signs.  The field may have to be set up for both 8v8 and 11v11.  One painted white and the second painted with the orange paint.  

                                                             ii.      Hood Field – May be used for the U8 program.  The daycare that had the playground has moved.  Don will contact the field owner to discuss the possibility of expanding the field into the playground area.    

                                                            iii.      Kiwanis Field – Offline for repairs. Dave Adams will update the club on the progress/

                                                           iv.      West River Field – the field was used extensively in the spring.  The field will be offline in the fall to give the grass a chance to grow.

                                                             v.      High School – we have to wait and see.  Ken will make the request to use the facility. 

                                                           vi.      Clough School – MUYSA has worked with the school to fertilize the field.  MUYSA should have use of the field in the fall.  The field will either be used for U10’s or an 8v8 field. 

                                                          vii.      Memorial Park in Mendon – may be used for U6 & U7 program.  Ed Mullarkey will send a request to the Mendon Parks Department.

                                                        viii.      Memorial School -  Mark Fitzgerald will send a request to the Upton Parks Department to use the outfield area.

    1. Age Group Coordinators Recap:

                                                               i.      U14 Boys – Pete Bloznalis

                                                             ii.      U14 Girls – Ed Mullarkey

                                                            iii.      U12 Boys – Keith Jackson

                                                           iv.      U12 Girls – Mark Murray

                                                             v.      U10 Boys – Mike Brodeur / Val Sumner / Dave Adams

                                                           vi.      U10 Girls – Ken Perregaux

                                                          vii.      U8 Boys and Girls – Ken Perregaux will call Karen Rogers

                                                        viii.      U7 Boys and Girls – Pete Bloznalis / Mike Poe

                                                           ix.      U6 Boys and Girls – Mike Brodeur / Tracy Higgins / Chris Schimp

    1. Rating Sheets – Ken Perregaux has a standard Rating Sheet for coaches use.  Contact Ken for a copy.

4.      Coaches Education – Mike Poe provided there will be a teaching week for License Courses to be held by Mass Youth Soccer in August.  An additional update will be provided at future meetings.


5.      Referee Coordinator: Chris Wojtowicz provided the following update:

    1. In Town Update – the U8’s went well.  The U7’s still needed some referee’s due to conflicts.
    2. Referee Night at the Revolution – have to buy a minimum of a block of 10.  Chris will evaluate.


6.      Equipment Update: 

    1. Equipment Coordinator – Chris Schimp has a new contact at Soccer Wholesale. The service has been great.  The referee uniforms that were to small were returned and new uniforms shipped in two days. 

                                                               i.      Chris Schimp will evaluate assembling a “Coaches Package” for the fall.

                                                             ii.      The 25 cases of orange paint will be put in the Hood shed for storage.  It may be used to double line the 8v8 and 11v11 fields in the fall.

    1. Soccer Balls and Trophies – Over 200 trophy balls have been provided to coaches.  Three U12 Boys teams need to get balls as does the U7 program.  The balls look great and the reception from the players has been great. 
    2. Uniforms – uniforms have not been a problem.  The Soccer Spot will be ready for the fall.


7.      Website Changes:

    1. New Website – Ken Perregaux will update the website until a new person is found.
    2. New PR person – There is still a need for a new PR Person.  The duties are to communicate with the News Papers, other town organizations, etc. The Club will continue to look for candidates.  .   
    3. - Mike Brodeur reminded everyone that the is still active and can be used by coaches for evaluation purposes. 


8.      Summer 101:

    1. Summer Camp (August 2nd – August 5th) – Soccer 101 camp to be offered by Gary Crompton.  It is either a full day camp or a ½ day camp.  Mike Brodeur will put a notification of the camp in the Town Crier. A link to Soccer101 is available through the website.


9.      Undocumented “Duties” going forward

    1. We need a document that contains all of these to pass forward as people leave the club – Ken Perregaux expressed the need to start to document some of the responsibilities that members of the Club perform that are not documented.  For example: field requests, fertilizer contracts, insurance for hood Field, etc.  If people will email these duties to Ken, he will put them in a document to be used in the future.


10.  Other Items:

    1. Administrative Position – Mike Brodeur will write up a position description to discuss at future meetings. 


11.  Next Meeting Date – July 5th at 7:15, Rose Garden Café.


Don Morin motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:38.  The motion was seconded by Ed Mullarkey.  The motion passed unanimously.