Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes July 2005


Meeting Date: July 5th, 2005                 Start: 7:22pm                Adjourned 9:26pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Mark Murray, Michael Merrigan, Mike Poe, Mark Fitzgerald, Jeff Ernst, Tony Adcock, Peter Bloznalis


Agenda / Discussion


1.      Discussion on 11v11 versus 8v8 for U12 Fall

    1. A lot of discussion on pluses and minuses and the quantity of kids playing.
    2. Mike Brodeur suggests that 8v8 is best for U12 Girls based on field size and overall ability and strength.
    3. 8v8 Boys and Girls passed unanimously after motion by Jeff Ernst and second by Keith Jackson.

2.      Players playing up

    1. Should we set a criterion and/or define a policy. Noticed that we have basic guidelines in the rules of the club and it says that provided that there is space a kid can move up.

                                                               i.      Age is first priority

                                                             ii.      Bubble kids (born in August) are 2nd priority to stay with classmates

                                                            iii.      Last priority is to bring kids up in order to fill a team

3.      Field updates

    1. Memorial School Field – town of Upton requested we fertilize the field in return for use. We agreed and it will be about $800.00
    2. Mark Fitzgerald motioned to do summer and fall fertilization treatments provided we get usage. Seconded by Mike Brodeur and passed with a unanimous vote.
    3. West River needs slit seeding. Mike Poe motioned, Mike Merrigan seconded and passed with a unanimous vote.
    4. Miscoe Hill Field was requested for U12 8v8 practices and games

4.      U8 coordinators have been solidified and Ken Perregaux will contact and notify club at next meeting

5.      New Business

    1. Mike Poe raised coaches conduct issue and where to find it

                                                               i.      Ken suggested making the September meeting the mandatory coaches meeting

1.      Instead of one mandatory meeting it was decided that each age group coordinator have a meeting with their coaches to ensure they cover coaches conduct

                                                             ii.      Mike Brodeur will send a copy of coaches conduct and parent letter to all registered coaches via email

    1. Mike Brodeur wants to get a Vice President position added to the club and will bring it up at a future meeting with a possible list of responsibilities.
    2. Mike Brodeur also raised the issue of future fund raising and how it was very important to get going on this.
    3. We need preliminary rosters and pass cards by the end of July for all coaches

6.      Mark Murray motioned to adjourn and Jeff Ernst seconded, meeting adjourned at 9:26pm.