Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes January 2005


Meeting Date: January 4th, 2005         Start: 7:15pm              Adjourned 7:45pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Don Morin, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis,Mark Murray, Chris Schimp


Agenda / Discussion


1.     Approve previous month’s minutes: passed – Ed Mullarkey was not in attendance

2.     Spring Soccer

    1. Numbers – There are currently there are 260 players registered, the club is getting ready for the MAYS spring season.


3.     Equipment Update: Chris Schimp – Chris provided an overview of the orders for spring, the teams should be all set for the spring season.   


4.     Database Admin Updates – Mike Brodeur provided the following update:

    1. Mike provided an update to the service.  The club will continue to evaluate this site. 


5.     Field Schedules – Grover Field will be used for U12 and above.  Miscoe Hill will be used for the U10 program.


6.     Next Meeting Date – February 1st at 7:15, Rose Garden.