Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes February 2005


Meeting Date: February 1st,  2005      Start: 7:29pm              Adjourned 8:24pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Mark Murray, Chris Wojtowicz , Val Sumner, Gordon Scott,  Michael Merrigan, Mark McGowan, Rich Victor, Tony Adcock, Sue Hamilton, Gene Peterman, Dan Belanger, Jeff Ernst, Bob Thayer, Greg Gomes


Agenda / Discussion


1.     Approve previous month’s minutes: Ken Perregaux motioned to pass September, October and November’s meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Don Morin.  Motion passed unanimously.


2.     Spring Soccer

    1. Numbers – Mike Brodeur provided: There are currently 325 total players.  253 of these players are traveling.  The U8’s are starting to come in now.  At the end of the month a mailer will be sent out to Memorial and Clough schools.  
    2. Team Placement this weekend:

                                                    i.     Needed Pass Cards and Rosters signed – This Sunday all signed pass cards will be sent in.  Don Morin would like to have 95% of the Rosters and Pass Cards in this weekend.  Changes can be made to the rosters through out the season with sufficient notification.

1.     Last year the clubs bond was lost due to unapproved rosters and forfeited games.  This was the first time in the clubs history.  Coaches, Please do not pencil in players to your roster. Please notify either Don Morin or Keith Jackson to add players.

2.     Don and Keith will set up a location and time to provide the approved rosters and pass cards to the coaches some time after March 20th, 2005.


NOTE: Ken Perregaux will try to get the Miscoe Hill gym for indoor practices starting to the end of March. Ken has submitted the form to use the gym from 5:00pm to 9:00pm Monday through Friday.  There has been some conflict with school programs and travel basketball.  Ken will let everyone know what is approved shortly.


Team Placement Problems – we have had problems with team placements in the past.  MAYS has the ability to make teams move from their requested assignments.  MAYS can make teams move to an upper division.  MUYSA tries to be as honest as possible.  In the future, MAYS will be running both spring and fall seasons and these placement problems should be less. 


3.     Coaches Education:

    1. Model Session – A model session is scheduled for March 6th at Miscoe Hill gym.  Gary Crompton will be conducting the model sessions.  Mike Brodeur, Mark Fitzgerald and Keith Jackson are rounding up players for the model sessions.  These sessions have been helpful in the past.
    2. U10 Model Session – Ken Perregaux will discuss with Brian Mazar the possibility of running a U10 model practice session once the outdoor fields are available.


4.     Referee Coordinator: Chris Wojtowicz provided the following update:

    1. Class in Spring – A Referee License 9 course will be help March 16th and 21st at the Mendon Senior Center from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  This course will be opened to 6th Graders and above.  If there is not enough interest it will be opened to 5th Graders.   This course will allow Referee’s to work games up to and including U10. 
    2. Updating Referee Certifications – To referee U12 to U16 games a Grade 8 License is required. A Grade 8 License is required for 11 vs. 11 games.  For past referee’s wishing to upgrade the certification, please refer to the website. This will provide information for where they can take the course to upgrade their license. 
    3. Referee Coordination – U10 and above will be coordinated by MAYS.  U8 and below will be coordinated by Chris Wojtowicz.  Chris would like the U8 and below schedules as soon as possible to have the referee’s assigned. 


5.     Field Updates:

    1. Grover – Coordinator is Ed Mullarkey: There is a new Parks and Recreation coordinator, Terry Duplin.  Don Morin has sent in the written request to use Grover Field for soccer this spring.  Don has talked with Terry, there will be a meeting this month to discuss the field use.  Don and Ed Mullarkey will attend.   Grover will be used for U12 and above.  Currently there are 8 teams scheduled to use the field.
    2. Miscoe – Coordinator is Mike Poe:  The two fields at the Miscoe School will be used for U10’s.  Ken is still waiting for confirmation from the school.  
    3. Hood Field – Coordinator is Dave Adams: The Hood filed is privately owned and MUYSA is allowed to use the field.  The insurance coverage is active through August 2005.  Hood Field will be used for U8’s.
    4. Kiwanis Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald: The work to crown the field and improve drainage is scheduled for this spring.  The town of Upton has approved $25,000 for this work. 
    5. West River Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald:  The field has been seeded and is growing in fine.  The field may be ready for the spring.  We will have to wait and see after the snow melts.
    6. High School – Coordinator Ken Perregaux: Ken has not heard back from the high school yet.  He will call them this week. Once approved, the club will determine what age group will use the area provided.


6.     Equipment Update:  Marty Gaffney will be invited to the March meeting to make a presentation.  Marty was at the last MAYS meeting and is a representative for a soccer supply company out of Georgia.   His pricing looks very favorable.

    1. Equipment Coordinator – Ken Perregaux provided that Chris Schimp has the order in for spring.  Please contact Chris for team and field equipment.
    2. Soccer Balls and Trophies – No update
    3. Uniforms – No update
    4. Coaches Shirts and Jackets – Mark Fitzgerald will provide an update at the next meeting.


7.     Website Changes: Sue Hamilton provided the following update:

    1. New Host – Time has run out for having Hank Eaton host the site.  Sue had found a hosting provider that has very reasonable rates.  The hosting provider will charge $6.95 per month for a one year contract.


Mike Brodeur motioned to sign up with the hosting provider for one year to host the MUYSA website.  Val Sumner seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


    1. Mike Brodeur reminded everyone that the is still active and can be used this spring by coaches for evaluation purposes.  Mike will contact to make it clear the website is for evaluation purposes and it is not the official MUYSA website.


8.     Other Items:

    1. Mike Brodeur will be attending the MYSA General Meetings and Workshops on February 12th.  There is a lot of interesting agenda items. You can go to their website to review the schedule of clinics.  If you are interested in attending, please email Mike.
    2. Sue Hamilton pointed out that MUYSA notices can be run for free in the Town Crier.  Items such as the Referee Course and the Model Sessions can get out to a lot of people if the Town Crier is used.  Please email Sue a copy of the information you would like to have run in the town Crier.
    3. As a reminder – the MAYS spring season starts the first week in April.


9.     Next Meeting Date – March 1st at 7:15, Rose Garden Café.