Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes April 2005


Meeting Date: April 5th, 2005               Start: 7:22pm                Adjourned 9:48pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson,  Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Mark Murray, Chris Wojtowicz , Val Sumner, Michael Merrigan, Rich Victor, Tony Adcock, Bob Dumas, Mark Fitzgerald, Chris Schimp, Bob Thayer, Mark McGowan, Dave Adams, Roger Hess, Mike Campagna, Stephen Talon, Dan Belanger, Jeff Ernst, Mike Poe, Laurie Pirozzi, Fran Soucy, Bob Burke, Pete Bloznalis


Agenda / Discussion


1.      Approve previous month’s minutes: Minutes for December, January, February and March were discussed and motioned to be approved by Don Morin.  The motion was seconded by Jeff Ernst.  Motion passed unanimously.


2.      Team Pictures - Mike Poe had invited Dave Morin of Morin Studios to provide an overview of the services Morin Studios would provide to take Soccer Team pictures in the fall.


                                                               i.      Dave Morin of Morin Studios located in Milford has experience with taking Team pictures in surrounding towns and with baseball.

                                                             ii.      Dave provided there will be a large variety of packages that would be affordable to everyone and realizes we are a volunteer organization and would try to limit the burden of coordinating the pictures on the Board and coaches.

                                                            iii.      Pictures will be taken in town approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of a game.  Arrangements will be made for travel teams to fit their schedules.  Morin Studios will be responsible for scheduling team photo times.

                                                           iv.      Coaches will be responsible to pass out the date and time of the team pictures.  The coaches will also receive the packages to provide back to the players.

                                                             v.      The Club will receive $2.00 per package sold.  Mike Poe will be the Club Coordinator for Morin Studios.

    1.  Mike Poe motioned the pictures be coordinated for U12 and below.  The motion was followed by discussion, resulting in a motion by Mike Campagna that the pictures be opened to any team in the club.  The motion was seconded by Dan Belanger.  The motion was unanimously approved.


3.      Spring Soccer

    1. MAYS Update– Don Morin provided that several fields were closed last weekend and that coaches, either home or way, should contact the opposing coach to reschedule games.  Postponed games should be made up within 4 weeks.   The season for Division 1 and 2 is 1 week shorter than last season.  MTOC’s are a week earlier than last year, playoff’s start June 7th and 8th.  MAYS Fall Season - MAYS will be offering a fall season.  Keith Jackson will be the MUYSA Representative to MAYS for the fall season.
    2. Miscoe Hill Gym Update: The gym will be opened for another week.  Teams should start to make arrangements with the field coordinators to schedule outside practice times.

c.       Field Updates:

                                                               i.      Grover Field – Field will be used for U12 and above. Games start times will be schedule 2 hours apart.  The field is ready to go.

                                                             ii.      Miscoe Field – The field was taken away for use by the Soccer Club by Jim Grant.  The Nipmuc football program is seeding the field and will not let it be used for the spring season.

                                                            iii.      Hood Field – Field will be used for U10’s practices and for the U6&7 program on Saturdays. Mike Poe will be scheduling practice times.  There are 5 girls teams and 4 boys teams.  The field will be lined for the U6&7 program. 

                                                           iv.      Kiwanis Field – Offline for repairs.

                                                             v.      West River Field – Field will be used for U8’s.  Dave Adams will coordinate the practice times with help from Mark Fitzgerald.

                                                           vi.      High School – No update.

    1. U10 Makeup and Night Games – Since Miscoe was taken away, try to makeup games at the opposing teams field.  If the game has to be made up at Hood, contact Mike Poe to schedule the game time and Don Morin to schedule a referee through MAYS.
    2. U8, U7&6 Planning

                                                               i.      Format Discussion – Mike Poe provided that there was a U6&7 format purchased from Gary Crompton that has been modified to fit the Clubs needs over the last two years.  This program has been working well for the U6&7 program.  There seems to be a difference in the coaching at the U8 level.


Ken Perregaux motioned the U6&7 and the U8 coordinators review the Gary Crompton Program and provide proposals for either modifying the program and how it will be applied to the U8 program.  This effort will be coordinated by Mike Poe.  The motion was seconded by Dan Belanger.  The motion passed unanimously.


4.      Fall:

    1. Registration Deadlines – will depend on if the Club votes to join the MAYS fall league.  There is a meeting in two weeks and Keith will attend to get information and registration, team placement deadlines, etc. 
    2. MAYS - MAYS will be having a league in the fall.  The Club has to decide if it plays in MAYS (Midland Area Youth Soccer or CMYSL (Central Massachusetts Youth Soccer League).


Mark Murray motioned the Club join the MAYS league in the fall.  The motion was seconded by Don Morin.  The motion passed unanimously. 


5.      Coaches Education:

    1.  A model coaching session was held March 6th at Miscoe Hill gym.  Gary Crompton conducted model sessions that were well received.  Gary agreed to have the sessions taped. The sessions have aired on the local cable channel and are available at the Upton Town Library.

                                                               i.      12:00 – 1:15, U8’s

                                                             ii.      1:20 – 2:35, U10’s

                                                            iii.      2:45 – 4:00, U12’s

    1. There will be no “G” of “F” course in the spring.  The club will evaluate offering these courses for the fall.
    2. Note: if a coach wants to attend a coaching course higher than “F”, he or she can bring that request to the Board for approval.  The Club has supported up to a “D” license in the past.


6.      Referee Coordinator: Chris Wojtowicz provided the following update:

    1. Class in Spring – A Referee License 9 course was held on March 16th and 21st at the Mendon Senior Center.  Approximately 29 children attended.  There were 18 children from Mendon/Upton.  The pay for refereeing a game is $5.00 for a U7 game and $10.00 for a U8 game. 
    2. U7 and U8 coordinators should get their schedules to Chris as soon as possible so he can schedule referees for the games.   


7.      Equipment Update:  Marty Gaffney passed away last Saturday.  The Club has an order in for the size two balls.  Chris is waiting to hear who the Clubs new representative will be.   

    1. Equipment Coordinator – Chris Schimp provided that the Soccer Spot has donated 24 soccer balls due to the delay in the shipment of paint.  Dave Adams has the 40 cases of paint from Hood Field.  If you are a field coordinator and need paint, contact Dave until the new paint arrives. ,asked what was needed in the spring?

                                                               i.      West River will use the nets from Hood Field if the younger kids are at West River.

                                                             ii.      Grover Field needs four corner flags.

                                                            iii.      The practice balls will be available mid-March for this spring.  

    1. Soccer Balls and Trophies – Chris is following up on the size 2 soccer balls to be provided at the end of the season.  It is still planned to provide each player with a ball at the end of the season.
    2. Uniforms – Are available at the Soccer Spot.  The U10 and above travel uniforms have a collar and are not reversible.  Tee shirts will be provided to U6 and U7 players.  New shirts will only be provided to players who did not participate in the fall.  Every played will get a new shirt in the fall. 
    3. Coaches Shirts and Jackets – If your black coaching shirt is worn out, see Pete Bloznalis and he will provide you a new one.  Also, Mark Fitzgerald has approximately 30 various jackets left.  If a coach (head or assistant) has participated in 5 successive sessions, a jacket will be provided.  If someone would like to purchase a jacket they are $15.00.


8.      Website Changes:

    1. New website/ PR person - Ken Perregaux recognized the superb job Sue Hamilton has done for the Club on the Website.  Sue will be available to help over the next few weeks, but has stepped down from the position.  Sue was responsible to update the information on the website as well as notifying the Town Crier of announcements.  If anyone is interested in Sue’s position, please let the Club know. 
    2. Mike Brodeur reminded everyone that the is still active and can be used this spring by coaches for evaluation purposes.  The site will remain active for another year.  Mike would like coaches to sign up and use the site this spring for their teams. 


9.      Scholarship Committee Update - Mark Murray provided that a few application have been turned in.  The committee is made up of Mark Murray, Mike Brodeur, and Mark Fitzgerald.  There will be two $500.00 scholarships awarded.  The list of finalists will be presented at the next meeting.   


10.  After Prom Party Donation – The Club has supported this effort in the past.


Val Sumner motioned that MUYSA provide a $100.00 donation to the After Prom Party.  The motion was seconded by Ken Perregaux.  The motion passed unanimously.


11.  Summer Camps:

    1. Soccer 101

                                                               i.      April Vacation Camp – will be offered.  The camp will run from the 9:00am to 12:00 noon, Tuesday through Friday of the vacation week at Miscoe Hill School.  A link is available through the website.

                                                             ii.      Summer Camp (August 1st – August 4th) – Soccer 101 camp to be offered by Gary Crompton.  It is either a full day camp or a ½ day camp.  The school has informed Gary there will be an increase in charge for using Miscoe Hill School.  The charge will be $100.00 per day and if the inside gym is required due to rain or heat, another $50.00 per day will be added.  There was discussion around the Club helping to finance the increased fee. It was determined through discussion that the Club will not subsidize private ventures.  Ken Perregaux will discuss the fee increase with Mark Fitzgerald and determine the next course of action, possibly a meeting with the school board.  A link to Soccer101 is available through the website.


    1. Warriors Soccer Camp - the camp is a ½ day and will run from August 1st to August 4th.   Fliers for the camp have been provided through the schools.


12.  Town Soccer Night at the Revs (June 25th) - Mike Campagna will look into what is required for the Club to go to the game.  Mike will provide a report at the next meeting.


13.  Other Items:

    1. Mike Brodeur wanted to recognize Don Morin and Keith Jackson for the work in being the club representatives to MAYS.  Mike gained an appreciation for the work involved after being the representative to the CMYSL last fall.  Mike commented “Don is an extraordinary guy who carries a lot of the success of MUYSA on his shoulders.  If it wasn’t for Don, the Club would not be as successful as it is today.  Thanks Don.”  All in attendance also expressed thanks to Don.
    2. Public Relations Director – Mike Brodeur suggested a new position be added to the MUYSA Board.  The position of Public Director would be used to interface with other organizations in the towns to promote the Club and fund raising.  This item will be added to future Club agendas for discussion.  


14.  Next Meeting Date – May 3rd at 7:15, Rose Garden Café.


Don Morin motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:48.  The motion was seconded by Ed Mullarkey.  The motion passed unanimously.