Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Nov. 2, 2004

Meeting Date: November 2nd , 2004  Start: 7:23pm                        Adjourned 9:00pm

Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Mike Poe, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Dave Rizzo, Mark Murray, Chris Wojtowicz , Val Sumner, Brian Mazar, Charlie Stakus, Bob Woodbury, Gordon Scott, Chris Schimp, Stephan Talon, Michael Merrigan, Mark McGowan

Agenda / Discussion

1.     Approve previous month’s minutes: passed – meeting notes for October not presented

2.     Fall Soccer

    1. CMYSL Update – Overall the season went as a typical CMYSL season goes.  It is not as organized as MAYS.  Teams cancelled games, the referee’s were a problem, and on one week 9 towns had no referee’s.

The discussion of MAYS continuing with a Fall League is on the MAYS November 14th meeting schedule.  Don Morin and Keith Jackson will be attending this meeting and will report back if MAYS will be hosting a fall league next year. 

    1. U7 Year End Fun – Karen Rogers wants to have a Fun Day for the U7 group and wanted to know the policy on donations from area companies.  Don Morin noted that he could not remember it being done in the past, but that it sounded like a good idea.  Don could provide the Club’s tax identification number for the donations and suggested the event be covered by an article put in the Town Crier.

While discussing the U7 age group, Mike Poe wanted to know if there was consistency between the start and finish of the weekends for the U6, U7, and U8’s.  Mike Brodeur stated there is usually a minimum of 9 sessions.   The club will try to make the start and finish weekends consistent in the spring. 

3.     Spring Soccer:

    1. Registration Deadline – U10 and above registrations are due by the end of November.  Forms will be handed out to coaches to distribute to the teams.  Forms will also be sent home from Miscoe School.  All forms returned by the age group coordinators will be mailed to the players.  Forms will be mailed to 8th Graders since they will not be part of the forms sent home from Miscoe.  There are no try outs scheduled for this spring. 
    2. Team Placement Deadlines - Original Rosters and team divisions are required for the 2nd Sunday in January for the MAYS meeting.  Rosters have to be printed and signed by coaches.  Player and coaches pass cards are due for the 2nd Sunday if February.
    3. Age Group Coordinators – the following is the list of Age Group Coordinators:

1.     Pete Bloznalis – U14 Boys

2.     Mike Brodeur – U14 Girls

3.     Keith Jackson – U12 Boys

4.     Mark Murray – U12 Girls

5.     Val Sumner/Mike Brodeur – U10 Boys

6.     Mike Poe/Ken Perregaux – U10 Girls

7.     Dave Adams – U8 Boys

8.     Mark Fitzgerald – U8 Girls

9.     Karen Rogers – U7

10.  Mike Poe/ Pete Bloznalis – U6

    1. Field Usage by Age Group – everyone should plan that Kiwanis will be offline in the spring either due to reconstruction or poor drainage problems.  With the school construction in the two towns, fields will be at a premium.  Final field assignments won’t be made until the request’s made for the High School, Clough and Memorial are received.   Also, West River may be ready for the spring season.  

At the end of this season, the Field Coordinators will ensure the fields are shut down properly:

1.     Don Morin / Ed Mullarkey – Grover Field

2.     Mike Brodeur – Kiwanis Field

3.     Mike Poe - Miscoe School

4.     Coaches Education: Mike Poe provided the following report:

    1. F Course Update - The “F” coaching course was held on September 24th.  Thirteen people attended.  Seven people were from Mendon/Upton.  Matt Evans conducted the course and it was well received.  Sixty eight coaches in  MUYSA have attended the “F” course.  Some of the people from the other towns who attended the course were taking the course because it was required by there club to coach travel teams.  This will be a discussion item at a future MUYSA meeting.
    2. Problem Coaches – Ken has received emails and a few people have talked to him about problem coaches.  If there is an issue, it should be brought to the attention of the Age Group Coordinator, and then to the Club officials.  The Age Group Coordinators are listed on the web site.  Mike Poe suggested there could be a questionnaire completed by the parents at the end of the season to rate the coaches.  There is a coaches “Code of Conduct” on the MAYS website.  This code could be printed out and provided to coaches prior to the start of the each season, possibly the coaches could have to sign it. 

Mike Poe and Mike Brodeur will put together a proposal for the next meeting to discuss a MUYSA coach’s code of conduct. 

5.     Referee Coordinator: Chris Wojtowicz

    1. Class in the Spring - The Referee Class for the spring has not been scheduled yet.  The course is intended for 6th grade an up.  Notification is done through the website, the Town Crier, or through a flier sent home through the school. It will be planned for a Saturday in March.
    2. Plans for the Spring – U10 games and above will be scheduled by MAYS. 
    3. The recertification for Referee’s is no longer available in Milford, the recertification course is available in Framingham and Westboro.

6.     Field Updates:

    1. Grover – Will be closed at the end of the season.  The sprinkler system will need a filter on the well.  The sediment is clogging the sprinkler heads. The field is in good shape.
    2. Miscoe – Coordinator is Mike Poe.  The two fields at the Miscoe School  in decent shape, but could use work. 
    3. Hood Field – Coordinator is Dave Adams: The field is in good shape.
    4. Kiwanis Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald: The center of Kiwanis Field is 4” lower than the sides.  The field needs to be crowned.  There was no extra topsoil from the West River Field project.  The work may be scheduled for this spring.
    5. West River Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald:  The field has been seeded and is growing in fine.  The field may be ready for the spring.
    6. High School – Coordinator Ken Perregaux: Ken will request for the spring.  We are using the practice soccer field for U6 and U7.
    7. Clough School  - Coordinator : The new area in the back of the school has been walked down.  It will only support a U10 size field.  MUYSA will request use of Clough Field in the spring.
    8. Memorial School – Coordinator : Baseball and softball use the open area in the spring.  MUYSA will request to use the outfield area in the fall.

7.     Equipment Update:  Chris Shimp provided the following report:

    1. Chris recapped equipment purchases for the last year:

                                                    i.     Purchased two new goals for Grover Field.  The new goals worked great.

                                                  ii.     The Select size 5 practice balls did not hold air well.  We will look at a different ball when we purchase replacements.  No one commented on the Adidas size 4 balls.

                                                iii.     Nets are available for Miscoe in the spring..

                                                iv.     New goals will have to be purchased for West River field.  We will also have to discuss the possibility of putting a shed there to store equipment. Game balls are available tonight.  First Aid Kits, Ice Packs, Pinneys, or Flags, please make a request to Chris.

    1. Soccer Balls / Trophies – Chris reviewed his research into the MUYSA potential giveaway ideas.  The following is the cost breakdown:



Lead Time

1. Size 4 & 5 Logo Balls

$10.50 ea

4 – 6 weeks

2. Size 1 small logo balls


4 – 6 Weeks

3. Trophies (5 inch high)


4 days

4. Medals with date


4 days

5. Certificates


1 day

Other Ideas

1.     Logo Patches with year and date – cost unknown

2.     Water Bottles cosponsored local business – cost unknown

Val Sumner motioned to provide size one logo balls to U8 and below and for U10 and above to provide seasonal patches and certificates effective for this Spring Season.  The motion was seconded by Mike Brodeur.  The motion passed unanimously.

Note: This will be the clubs only recognition policy.  No individual trophies, etc will be provided by coaches.

Chris Schimp motioned to provide a size 4 or 5 ball to all players U10 and above instead of buying logo practice balls. The motion was seconded by Mike Merrigan.  The motion was denied by the club.

Mike Merrigan motioned to provide a size 4 or 5 MUYSA logo ball to all players U10 and above instead of buying logo practice balls. The motion was seconded by Mike Brodeur.  The motion passed.

Don Morin suggested the club look into a local business to sponsor the logo balls, similar to the Citizens Bank ball giveaway earlier in the season.

    1. Uniforms – tabled,
    2. Coaches Shirts and Jackets – tabled, balls.

8.     Database Admin Updates – the Soccer Tracks program has been disbanded.  The club is waiting for the state of MA to put out new standards.   Mike Brodeur will have provide a broader demo of their capabilities at the December meeting.

9.     Website Changes – Officers can approve changes to the Web Site.  The Registration form on the web site has a statement that parents can check if they don’t want pictures of the their kids to appear on the web site.  There is no way to track this request.

Don Morin motioned to have no pictures posted on the MUYSA web site and to have the statement removed from the form. The motion was seconded by Mark McGowan.  The motion passed.

10.  Other Items – No additional items were identified.

    1. If you have schedule problems, please contact Mike Brodeur.
    2. Field maps to other towns are located on the or website under fields.

11.  Next Meeting Date – December 7th at 7:15, Coaches Appreciation.