Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes December 2004


Meeting Date: December 7th , 2004    Start: 7:23pm                        Adjourned 9:15pm


Present: Ken Perregaux, Mike Brodeur, Don Morin, Ed Mullarkey, Mike Poe, Keith Jackson, Pete Bloznalis, , Mark Murray, Chris Wojtowicz , Val Sumner, Mike Campagna, Tony Adcock, Mike Merrigan, Bob Burke, Dave Adams, Roger Hess, Jeff Finch, Mark Fitzgerald, Laurie Pirozzi, Fran Soucey, Bob Dumas, Mike Arrigo


Agenda / Discussion


1.     Approve previous month’s minutes: passed – meeting notes for November not presented

2.     Spring Soccer

    1. Registration Deadline – The deadline has passed for U8 and above.  Coordinators should be starting their team selections.
    2. Numbers – There are currently there are 168 players registered, 25 more were received today.  Mike Brodeur will send out the unregistered lists for U14 boys and U12 girls in the next couple of days.
    3. Team Placement Deadlines – Teams have to be defined by December 30th.  The rosters will be printed by January 9th for the next MAYS meeting.
    4. Field Usage by age Group – will be determined when the responses are back from the middle and high schools.  We will also have to determine if West River will be ready.    


3.     Financial Update – Don Morin provided a financial update for the year, 1/1/2004 to 12/5/04.  The club expenses for the year were $52, 288.67.  Total income for the year was $32,934.42.  The current net worth of the MUYSA is $18,390.14.


4.     Coaches Education – Mike Poe suggested a Coaches Code of Conduct.  Mike will go to the MAYS site to get ideas and will generate a draft for review by the MUYSA members.

Mike Poe attended the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Coaches Educational meeting.  The meeting was well attended by approximately 75 people.  The people were splint into groups to define age appropriate technical capabilities.  This information will be developed into age appropriate curriculums.


Mike has video tapes for Coaches to provide to parents; “Attitude is Contagious” and goalie coaching tapes that would be appropriate for U12 and above.  Please contact Mike if you would like copies of these tapes.


Mike will be scheduling a “How to Run a Practice Clinic” for coaches in March.


There was a 15 minute break for the coach’s appreciation dinner.  Ken Perregaux, MUYSA President, thanked everyone for all their hard work and looked forward to working with everyone in the spring.  Ken reiterated that the meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the Rose Garden starting at 7:15 and would like everyone to attend as many meeting as possible to provide a strong base for club activities.


5.     Referee Coordinator – Chris Wojtowicz provided the following update:

    1. Class in Spring – The referee course will be help in March.  The dates need to be finalized.  Currently planning for March 8th and 10th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Mendon Senior Center.  Notifications will be put up on the Web Site and fliers provided to the schools. 
    2. Updating Certifications – Referee’s from last year will have to go to the website to determine where they can take the course to keep their license.  The license qualification has to be maintained yearly.
    3. Referee Coordination – U10 and above will be coordinated by MAYS.  U8 and below will be coordinated by Chris Wojtowicz.


6.     Field Updates:

    1. Grover – Coordinator Ed Mullarkey: The field was closed, the goals have been moved to the far end of the field, the nets are in the shed, the flags are put away.  The irrigation system has been winterized. 
    2. Miscoe – Coordinator is Mike Poe:  The two fields at the Miscoe Hill School are closed and all equipment put away.
    3. Hood Field – Coordinator is Dave Adams: The fields are closed and all equipment is put away. The shed is still in good shape.
    4. Kiwanis Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald: The field will be offline for repairs in the spring.  Upton has passed $25,000.00 for crowning the field.  This will require 1000 yards of topsoil to be spread on the field.  Upton has also approved an additional $10,000.00 for a new mover that will collect the grass clippings.  
    5. West River Field – Coordinator Mark Fitzgerald:  The field has been seeded and is growing in fine.  The field may be ready for the spring.
    6. High School – Coordinator Ken Perregaux: Ken has requested for the spring.  Ken has not heard back from Jim Grant if the club can use the high school.
    7. Clough School  - Coordinator : Ken has requested for the spring.  Ken has not heard back from Jim Grant if the club can use the school.
    8. Memorial School – Coordinator : Baseball and softball use the open area in the spring.  MUYSA will request to use the outfield area in the fall.


7.     Equipment Update:  - Tabled until next meeting.  


8.     Database Admin Updates – Mike Brodeur provided the following update:

    1. There is a pending concern pertaining to our hosting site.  Hank Eaton has moved and has control of the MUYSA domain names.
    2. Mike provided an update to the service.  This web hosting service has offered their services fro free for the clubs evaluation.  The site will offer database capabilities and better relationship management. 

Mike Brodeur made a motion to find a new web hosting service and to continue to evaluate with the intention of switching to website eventually.  The motion was seconded by Mark Murray.  The motion passes unanimously.


    1. Don Morin will continue to pursue control of the MUYSA domain names with hank Eaton.


9.     Website Changes – Officers can approve changes to the Web Site.  No additional updates were provided.


10.  Other Items:

    1. Don Morin provided that if coaches are pursuing using indoor school gyms for practice, only kids who are registered for the fall are covered by the insurance policy.
    2. Mark Fitzgerald will evaluate an indoor footsal type town sponsored league program for next winter using the school gyms


11.  Next Meeting Date – January  4th at 7:15, Rose Garden