Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Sep. 2, 2003



1. Edward Mullarkey
2. Walt Esker
3. Cliff Calderwood
4. Mike Campania
5. Jim Housekeeper
6. Valerie Sumner
7. Ken Perregaux
8. Chris Shimp
9. Hank Eaton
10. Don Morin
11. Bob Dumas
12. Chris Wojtowicz
13. Brian Mazar
14. Bob Burke
15. Keith Jackson
16. Sue Hamilton
17. Rudy Ferrucci
18. Art DiGregorio
19. Mark Fitzgerald
20. Mark Murry
21. Bob Kellider
22. Mike Poe

Meeting started 7:28pm, agenda’s were provided. The following are notes from the meeting.

1. August Meeting Minutes – will be reviewed next meeting.

2. Fall Registration:

2a. League Update CMYSL – League rosters are required for ages U10 and up. Hank will email roster before Saturday. Maps will be passed out tonight, schedules were emailed to coordinators last week.
2b. Fall Numbers – There are 615 registered children, last year there was over 700. Numbers are down, this may be due to several factors: football, some teams were full (U12 boys), registration was later than last year. Registrations will be sent out earlier for the fall season. Over 1,000 registration forms are sent out for each season.
2c. Age Group Coordinators Updates:
2ci. U12 Tryouts and Payment – A total of 42 girls tried out for the fall season, the tryouts went well. Will evaluate if tryouts will continue in the spring after this season. It was motioned by Ed Mullarkey the three independent evaluators be paid $50.00 per night. The motion was passed.
2cii. U8 Update – For the fall season there will be 4 girls teams and 4 boys teams. It was decided at the last meeting there would be no travel teams.
2d. Field Coordinator Updates:
Hood – New field coordinator – Ken Perregaux
Miscoe- Mark Murray
Kiwanis – Mike Brodeur
Grover – Ed Mullarkey
Memorial – Mark Fitzgerald

3. Field Improvement Updates:

3a. Kiwanis Field – After the fall season, the field will be taken off line. The field will be crowned in the spring with loam from the new field. Telephone poles are in, have to check on the power.
3b. Grover Field – Solving parking problem. Met with Mendon Police department and Colonial drive resident last week to draft plan for Grover Field parking. Meeting with Mendon Board of Selectmen tomorrow to discuss/approve the plan. Well is in, shed will be moved soon. We have 2 quotes for the irrigation, will get one more. The plan is to have it in this fall.

4. Coaches Education – Evaluating starting the four hour “G” course again. Will see if there is enough interest. May tailor a “G” course for women only to encourage more participation. All new coaches will be directed to take the “G” course.

4a. Should we have a guideline for above U7? – This seems like a good idea. We have to figure out how to do it. The club has to determine what goals it wants to achieve at the age levels. The MYSA web site should be reviewed to see if they can provide any guidance. This item will be tabled until the Education Coordinator, Mike Brodeur returns.
A model session should be conducted at the start of each season and information provided to provide guidance for quality practices. At the U8 level and above, this should be the coordinators responsibility. This idea will be discussed with the Education Coordinator.

5. Website Changes – Field Coordinators should email the practice schedules to Sue to be posted on the website. This is a powerful tool that is being used. Game schedules will be posted as they become available.

6. Referee Coordinator – Chris has all the information from Steve W. Schedules are being created for the season. There will be no referee course this fall, there may be one in the spring. A checking account will be established to pay the referee’s.

7. Website Policy for the Club By-Laws – Artie D passed out a proposed policy. Please review the policy for comments in the October meeting. A vote to approve the policy will be held at the October meeting.

8. Other Items – Appreciation for Brian Mazar – The club would like to recognize the dedication Brian has shown to the program. Brian has been an integral part of the Mendon – Upton Youth Soccer program for the last 11 years as a coach and board member. He has been president of the club for the last 5 years. Brian is currently working with the Nipmuc girls varsity team. Brian was presented a plaque, paper weight and an inscribed Referee/Coaches watch. The club is forever indebted to Brian for his dedication to further the youth soccer program.

The next meeting will be held October 7th, 2003. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

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