Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2003


Present: Don Morin, Mark Fitzgerald, Ken Perregaux, Brian Mazar, Mark Murray, Ed Mullarkey, Steve Neidzialkoski, Dave Rizzo, Walt Ramsey.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM.

Don Morin made a motion to approve the April Minutes as written. Ed Mullarkey seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Ed Mullarkey reported that Brewer Well Drilling has scheduled the week of May 12th to begin work at Grover Field. Ed is working with Brian Massey on the possibility of creating some off street parking. Ed stated that the fertilization for the field has been scheduled as well.

Brian Mazar reminded everyone of the Boston Breakers ticket package offered by Joe Cummings. Currently no one has volunteered to coordinate these efforts.

Steve Neidzialkoski reported that the Nipmuc Football Club has scheduled seeding/fertilization of Miscoe Hill Field and practice area (MUYSA game area). He will bring a final bill (MUYSA to pay half) when received.

Brian Mazar provided a proposal for MUYSA to purchase Appreciation Pins for all spring participants. There was a general discussion regarding the quantity to be ordered and the process for utilizing the pins during the Calendar 2003 year. Brian made a motion to purchase 1000 pins. Walt Ramsey seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Don Morin, MAYS Coordinator, made mention that MAYS is still considering the smaller team format as discussed at a previous meeting. He will update the club when a decision has been made. Brian and Don briefly discussed the difficulty of transferring players to and from the BAYS league. There was a brief discussion of referees performance during games this past spring. Don urged everyone to report all issues to him so that he could report feedback to the MAYS league.

There was a general discussion of the U6, U7, U8 programs. Travel for the U9 & U10 fall programs will be further discussed at the next meeting.

There was a general discussion of all fields. All coaches are encouraged to help pick up trash at Hood. Kiwanis Beach soccer field is open for the season. Mark Fitzgerald reported that the irrigation well has been installed at Kiwanis Field. Irrigation lines will be installed after the season. Grover field is still open for practices and/or makeup games. It was noted that Miscoe Hill field was fine.
Brian Mazar stated that the coaches "Goal Keepers Clinic" that was scheduled for April 5th at the Habitat was very informative. It was noted that Kenny Fever did a great job instructing. There were 8 or 9 MUYSA coaches present.

Walt Ramsey, MUYSA Scholarship Committee member, reported that twelve (12) applications were received for the two (2) $500 scholarships awarded each year to the graduating seniors. This years recipients will be Charlie Stakis and Tom Sheehan. Walt advised everyone that he would be stepping down from the MUYSA Scholarship Committee. Everyone present thanked Walt for his past efforts.

Equipment Coordinator update was tabled until next meeting.

There was a general discussion about the MUYSA referees at the U10 level. Steve Neidzialkoski proposed that a Referee Form be handed to each coach prior to every game so that coaches comments can be reviewed. This form would also encourage coaches not to discuss referee decisions during game time with the referees. Steve will work with Don Morin in formulating some appropriate language for these forms.

Uniform inventory at the Soccer Spot is currently adequate. It will be reviewed again prior to the fall season.

Mark Fitzgerald reminded those present that Soccer 101 Camps have been scheduled for the week of July 28 - August 1st. This is the third season for this MUYSA sponsored program to be held at Miscoe Hill. It was also noted that Jim Grant's soccer camp will be held August 4th - 8th at Nipmuc High School.

Brian Mazar stated that the MUYSA website ( is updated with current information and schedules. All present recognized Sue Hamilton's efforts in that regard.

The next MUYSA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003 at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 PM.

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