Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2003


Present: Don Morin, Mark Fitzgerald, Ken Perregaux, Mark Murray, Jim Housekeeper, Mike Brodeur, Keith Jackson, Peter Bloznalis, Artie DiGregorio, Bob Burke, Chris Wojtowicz, Mike Poe, Jules Yasuna, Ed Mullarkey, Hank Eaton.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM.

Don Morin made a motion to approve the May & June Minutes as written. Artie DiGregorio seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Ken Perregaux, MUYSA President, mentioned that we still had an outstanding position of Referee Coordinator to be filled. Chris Wojtowicz volunteered for the position. Mark Fitzgerald made the motion to nominate Chris Wojtowicz to a three (3) year term as Referee Coordinator. Ken Perregaux seconded the Motion. There was a general discussion on the matter. The motion carried unanimously.

Ken Perregaux recapped the status of MUYSA officer and coordinator positions as follows:

MUYSA Officers:

President, Ken Perregaux, Three (3) years remaining on term.
Treasurer, Don Morin, One (1) year remaining on term.
Secretary, Mark Fitzgerald, One (1) year remaining on term.
Registrar, Hank Eaton, Two (2) years remaining on term.

MUYSA Coordinators:

Educational Coordinator, Mike Brodeur, One (1) year remaining on term.
Equipment Coordinator, Chris Schimp, Two (2) years remaining on term.
Refereee Coordinator, Chris Wojtowicz, Three (3) years remaining on term.
CMYSL Coordinator, Don Morin, Term expired (will assist this fall) / Mike Brodeur (in training).
MAYS Coordinator, Don Morin, One (1) year remaining on term.
Public Relations Coordinator, Sue Hamilton, Two (2) years remaining on term.

Field Coordinators for the fall will be determined at the next meeting.

Age Group Coordinators for the fall 2003 season will be as follows:

 Age Group  Boys  Girls
 U6 & U7  Mark Fitzgerald  Mark Fitzgerald
 U8  Mike Brodeur Kathy Perregaux
 U10  Gene Peterman Mark Murray
 U12  Keith Jackson  Ed Mullarkey
 U14  Don Morin  Jim Housekeeper
 U16    Dave Rizzo

Don Morin suggested that we pass over the fall registration matters for the U12, U14 & U16 age groups and that Officers and Age Group Coordinators meet after the meeting to determine team placement for the fall season. All present agreed.

Mark Fitzgerald reported that the Town of Upton voters had approved the Recreation Commissions' request for $45,000.00 for the development of a soccer field on the town owned West River Street land. Mark is currently working with the DPW in order to finalize development plans and specifications for the bidding process. Mark mentioned that excess loam on the site could be utilized at the Kiwanis Beach soccer field for a regrading of the entire surface. However, any further improvements at the Kiwanis Beach soccer field would not begin until after the fall soccer season is over.

Ed Mullarkey, Grover Field Coordinator, reported that he is reviewing three (3) bids received for the irrigation project at Grover Field. Ed will submit a recommendation to the club for approval. Ed mentioned that additional repairs will be scheduled to specific areas of the field and that the DPW would be assisting the club with the relocation of the shed. Ed has discussed with several town boards the possibility of adding informational parking signs on the street to try to assist neighbors with access to their homes. Ed will propose a solution with associated costs at a future meeting.

Ken Perregaux announced that he had been approached by a Sutton Youth Soccer representative regarding inter town play for the U8 level. There was a general discussion on the matter. It was noted that Uxbridge also participates in a similar program with its U8 & U10 program. Ken and Mike Brodeur will investigate the options and report back to the club with a recommendation.

Ken Perregaux noted that field requests for the fall need to be submitted. The following will take care of specific requests as follows:

Kiwanis - Mike Brodeur
Grover & Memorial (Mendon)- Ed Mullarkey
Miscoe & Nipmuc - Ken Perregaux
Hood - Don Morin

Mark Fitzgerald reminded those present that Soccer 101 Camps have been scheduled for the week of July 28 - August 1st. This is the third season for this MUYSA sponsored program to be held at Miscoe Hill. It was also noted that Jim Grant's soccer camp will be held August 4th - 8th at Nipmuc High School.

Jim Housekeeper made a motion that a link to Jim Farrar's (the Habitat) Home Turf Shop be added on the MUYSA website. Mark Fitzgerald seconded the motion. There was a general discussion. The motion carried unanimously. Hank Eaton will add the link to the website.

Jim Housekeeper asked for clarification on the process for addressing requests brought forth to MUYSA. There was a general discussion on the matter. It was determined that there is no official procedure written in the By Laws. Artie DiGregorio suggested that he formulate a written policy to be reviewed at the next meeting with the goal of eventually adopting a policy in the By Laws. Those present agreed.

Mike Brodeur, MUYSA Educational Coordinator, reported that he was unable to obtain enough participation to organize a "women's only" "G" or "F" coaching license program for this fall. Mike proposed that MUYSA hire Gary Crompton to run a model session for several Age Groups on a specific weekend before the start of the fall season. Chris Wojtowicz made the motion to have MUYSA hire Gary Crompton to run a model session for a date to be determined and coordinated by Mike Brodeur. Artie seconded the motion. There was a general discussion with August 23rd & 24th as target dates. The motion carried unanimously. Mike mentioned he would like to schedule a goalie clinic as well. He will report back to the club with further information.

The next MUYSA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 5th, 2003 at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

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