Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
January 7th, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Present: Attendees: Hank Eaton, Steve Niedzialkoski, Keith Jackson, Bob Burke, David Rizzo, Jeff Ernst, Larry Dube, Dan Belanger, Michael Arrigo, Tony Adcock, Pete Bloznalis, Craig Chancellor, Chris Wojtowicz, Gene Peterman, Terri Bianucci, Fran Soucey, Mark Murray, Roger Hess, Brian Mazar, Don Morin, Rich Majoouan, Mike Brodeur, Artie DiGregorio, Ed Mullarkey, Mark Fitzgerald, Ken Perregaux, John Patrick

1. Approve December Minutes - The December Meeting Minutes will be approved at the February Meeting.

2. Outstanding items from last meeting:

a. Coaches jacket’s distribution & quantity

Jackets are available by contacting Mark Fitzgerald. The cost for a jacket is $15.00.

b. Shirts for coaches

No discussion, tabled until the February meeting.

c. Irrigation system & parking Colonial Field

Brewer Pump and Supply has provided the contract to drill the well at Colonial Field. The MUYSA board and the Town of Mendon must sign the contract. The well will be dug when the weather permits. The parking situation has been tabled pending a review of the options.

d. Appreciation pins for players

The Board is reviewing where the pins can be made. The will be available for the Spring season.

e. Communications position

Sue Hamilton has agreed to take on the new communications position. Sue will be the liaison between the club and parents.

f. Approval to use fields: Colonial, Kiwanis, Miscoe, Hood & Memorial

Brian Mazar has requested the use of Miscoe for the spring season. Mr. Grant will not allow MYUSA to use the high school fields.

Letters have to be sent to the towns to request the use of the following fields:

· Colonial Field - Ed Mullarkey to draft letter to Mendon.

· Kiwanis Field - Mike Brodeur to draft letter to Upton.

· Hood Field - Already approved -private ownership.

· Memorial Field - will be used by baseball.

Field notes:

· Kiwanis field will not be used until May. All early season games will be scheduled for Colonial Field and then switch to Kiwanis in May.

· Colonial Field was dedicated as Grover Field last summer, the league will refer to Colonial Field as Grover field in the future,

· Age group assignment for the available fields:

1. Kiwanis - U12, U14, U16 (season will start at Grover Field).

2. Miscoe - U10.

3. Hood - U6, U7, U8.

3. Spring Registration

g. MAYS Deadlines & Team submissions

i. Don Morin has been coordinating the spring travel teams with MAYS. The following is the pertinent information for the spring:

1. Final rosters and pass cards are required by February 9th for U12 and above teams playing in Division 1 or 2.

2. U10 coaches are required to have pass cards.

3. Each team can have 1 head coach, and 2 assistant coaches.

4. U15 and higher can NOT have players “double rostered”.

5. Division 1 and 2 teams are limited to 18 players; Division 3 teams can have more.

6. Don provided forms to the age group coordinators to note club, freshman, JV, or varsity players.

7. If anyone has any questions, please contact Don Morin.

ii. The following is a breakdown of the age groups and team assignments:

1. U16G - 1 Division 2 team.

2. U14G - 1 Division 2 and 1 Division 3 team.

3. U14B - 1 Division 2, and 1 Division 3 team.

4. U12G - 2 Division 2, and 1 Division 3 team.

5. U12B - 2 Division 3 teams.

6. U10G - 1 Division 1, 1 Division 2, and 2 Division 3 teams.

7. U10B - 1 Division 1, 2 Division 2, and 3 Division 3 teams.

iii. There is currently a total of 447 players registered in the program.

iv. Mark Fitzgerald will police the coordinators and coaches to complete all Kids Safe forms.

4. Coaches Education Update

h. Mike Brodeur provided and update for MUYSA education activities:

i. February Vacation Soccer days: A clinic will be held at the Habitat for Sports probably the last Friday of the vacation week. A Massachusetts State Coach will run the clinic similar to last year. Coaches can attend.

ii. “E” Course - scheduled for March 22nd and 23rd. The course is 16 hours over the two days. There has to be at least 15 peopled signed up to have a course and it is limited to 25. This course builds off the “F” course. Any coach that has taken the “F” course is encouraged to attend. Please contact Mike Brodeur to sign up.

iii. Prior to the start of the spring season, a model coaching session will be provided similar to last season. The date has not been set but will probably be the last week in March or the first week in April. The goal of the clinic is to develop practice management and age appropriate drills. All coaches and assistant coaches should attend.

iv. The state of Massachusetts (Glen Christofori) offers specialty-training courses. MUYSA will be looking to offer a goalie clinic at the end of March. One item the league has noticed is the lack of goalie skills with the players. The league will be looking for all coaches to incorporate goalie training into the practices.

v. The state of Massachusetts will be offering a coaches clinic for our region probably in April. It has been suggested to the state that these clinics be more directed to the town level of play. Mike will investigate if MUYSA can host the next regional clinic. Mike will post additional information and times to the MYUSA web site when it is available. All coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend.

5. Equipment Coordinator Report

i. All coaches are required to count the number and size soccer balls they have in their possession that can hold air for 7 days (or more). This fall every player in the league will be provided a ball to bring to each practice. Please forward the count to

6. Referee Coordinator Update

j. Referee grade 11 class on March 8th

i. Steve Niedzialkoski reported the March 8th course would be held March 22 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Look for additional emails for the details.

k. License Renewal class on 12-7

i. Steve Niedzialkoski reported only 2/3 of the eligible referee’s showed up. Steve will investigate other course dates and get a list of the referees who did not attend and will notify them of the course dates.

For all referees, a practical class will be held to develop game situations. The date of the practical class will be provided.

7. Player Uniforms Update

l. The Soccer Spot has 152 uniforms on hand.

m. The Soccer Spot does not have any small size travel shirts. The club is waiting for the Soccer Spot to recommend the quantity and sizes of additional uniforms before another order is placed to the manufacturer.

n. Following player registrations, Hank will be entering the player numbers into the MUYSA database.

8. Winter indoor usage Miscoe

o. Brian Mazar has arranged to have the lower gym at Miscoe Monday through Friday for the month of March for team practices. The available time slots are 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00pm. Please contact Brian to schedule. U10 and above travel teams will take priority.

General Rules for Using Miscoe

  1. NO Shooting - the gym will be used for foot skill training.
  2. The parents must control the siblings if they remain at practice. There will be no running or ball play in the hallways.
  3. If MUYSA abuses this privilege, we will loose it! Coaches, please control the practices and have fun.

9. Next meeting date and location

p. The next meeting will be February 4th, 2003 in the upstairs dining room of the Rose Garden Restaurant in Upton. Meeting time is 7:15pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm

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