Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
February 4th, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Present: Don Morin, Mark Fitzgerald, Mike Brodeur, Ken Perregaux, Jim Housekeeper, Mike Campagna, Brian Massey, Keith Jackson, Craig Chancellor, Dave Adams, Tim Greer, David Rizzo, Tony Mucciwi, Jeff Ernst, Gordon Scott, Rich Mayzel, Steve Niedzialkoski, Chris Wojtowicz, Mike Arrigo, Brian Mazar, Hank Eaton, Mark Murray, Mike Ryan, Peter Bloznalis, Chris Schimp, Bob Burke, Stephan Talon.

Mark Fitzgerald, MUYSA Secretary, reminded all coaches present that preseason meetings should be held with all player’s parents to go over the Coach’s, parent’s and player’s roles during the Spring season. The “Coaches Code of Conduct”, as defined by Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) (, was handed out to all those present. One of the main themes is “Zero Tolerance” which encourages all to have respect for the referees and discourages all from any verbal engagements with the referees. All coaches were reminded that they represent the MUYSA organization when traveling to neighboring towns and that soccer sportsmanship and etiquette is to be displayed by all.

Hank Eaton, MUYSA registrar, will provide the list of new coaches missing Kids Safe Forms to Mark Fitzgerald for follow up. Forms must be completed in order to be a coach of MUYSA.

Coach’s jackets were distributed to those requesting them.

Coach’s shirts were tabled until next meeting.

MUYSA pins were tabled until next meeting.

Hank Eaton reported that 496 players had registered for the spring season. He will be working on establishing player jersey numbers into the database after registration; team alignments and pass cards are completed.

Don Morin, Midland Area Youth Soccer (MAYS) coordinator, gave an update on the deadlines for final registration for the spring season. Don will be working with all age group coordinators finalizing all rosters and pass cards for submission to MAYS. He announced that the first, of a nine (9) game season, has been scheduled for Saturday, April 12th, 2003.

Don further reported that MAYS is asking all clubs whether or not they would prefer an 11 v 11 or 7 v 7 format for the U12 players (currently it is 11 v 11). After a general discussion by all present it was agreed to have Don recommend the following format to MAYS:

All U12 - Division I - should be played 11 v 11

All U12 - Division II & III - should be played with no more than 8 v 8.

Don will submit the club’s recommendation to MAYS on behalf of MUYSA.

Brian Mazar, MUYSA President, reviewed Field Coordinators as follows:

Grover Field (Colonial): Ed Mullarkey - U12, U14, U16

Kiwanis Beach (Closed April) Mike Brodeur - U12, U14, U16

Hood Field: Mike Poe - U6, U7, U8

Miscoe Hill: * U10

* Mark Murray will follow up with Gene Peterman with regards to locating a volunteer to be the Miscoe Hill Field Coordinator as currently there is none.

Mike Brodeur, MUYSA Educational Coordinator, announced that registrations have been coming in for Coaches “E License Course” scheduled for March 22-23, 2003. Vacation Days Soccer Clinic has been scheduled with Gary Crompton for Friday, February 21, 2003 at the Habitat in Uxbridge. An email will be sent to all MUYSA players announcing this clinic. Mike has scheduled a Goal Keepers Clinic for Saturday (late afternoon), April 5th, 2003 with Ken Fever. Clinic location to be announced at a later date. Mike also announced that a Coaches Educational Clinic sponsored by MYSA would be held on March 1, 2003 in Marlborough, MA. The fee for the Clinic will be reimbursed to any MUYSA coach that attends.

Chris Schimp, MUYSA Equipment Coordinator, requested that all age group coordinators contact him with supply request for the spring season. It was agreed that Chris would submit an equipment request to the MUYSA officers for approval before purchasing. It was noted that a tracking process be in place for all equipment and that coaches be held accountable for same.

Steve Niedzialkoski, MUYSA Referee Coordinator, announced that he had received four (4) sign ups for the Referee “Grade 11” course scheduled for Saturday, March 22, 2003. It was agreed that additional publicizing of the available course to the 6th graders was required. Steve noted that on February 18, 2003 the course would be posted on the MYSA website.

Mark Fitzgerald reported that an additional sixty (60) uniforms have been ordered to maintain our inventory at the Soccer Spot. Don Morin, as MUYSA Treasurer, will take care of the required deposit for the order. Additional uniforms shall be available at the Soccer Spot by March 16, 2003.

Brian Mazar announced that there is a few slots remaining for March practice at Miscoe Hill lower gym. Please see Brian to schedule a time.

Brian Mazar will follow up with the Scholarship Committee to be sure there were forms available at the high school for applicants.

Brian stated that the Boston Breakers marketing office contacted him. Joe Cummings, the Breakers General Manager, is trying to schedule to attend our next meeting to present discount group ticket options for MUYSA.

Hank Eaton stated that currently there are 23 outstanding Kids Safe Forms. He will be working on updating the email list as information comes in.

Don Morin reported that there was a request from the “Nipmuc after the Prom Party Committee” for a donation from MUYSA. After a general discussion, Mark Fitzgerald made a motion to donate $50.00. Ken Perregaux seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Don Morin will send a check.

Brian Mazar reported that Bill Lever would be coordinating a Boosters Club to fund a middle school soccer program. The initial goal is to raise $20,000 to fund the program for two (2) years and then incorporate it into the school committee budget after that.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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