Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association (MUYSA) Meeting Minutes
Dec. 2, 2003


Present: Don Morin, Ken Perregaux, Mark Fitzgerald, Mike Poe, Ed Mullarkey, Artie Digregorio, Mark Murray, Brian Massey, Lynn Houskeeper. Cindy Howard, Ly Marokhovsky, Debbie Maclean, Cindy Stakus, Herb Staniszewki, Keith Jackson, Gordon Scott, Brian Mazar, Bill Alexander, Stephan Talon, Laurie MacLeod Pirozzi, Tony Adcock, Rich Mayzel, Chip Maloney, Rich Gazoorian, Hank Eaton, Chris Wojotowicz.

Ken Perregaux, MUYSA President, announced that the theme of the evening was coach’s appreciation night. All in attendance were invited to feast on the buffet presented by the Rose Garden on behalf of MUYSA. Ken thanked all of the volunteers present for their continued contributions and support which has ensured the success of our community soccer program.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM.

Mark Fitzgerald, MUYSA Secretary, made a motion to approve the September, October and November Minutes as written. Ken Perregaux seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Don Morin, MAYS Coordinator, reported the highlights of the MAYS Annual Meeting that was held on November 16, 2003. Don noted that Spring 2004 registration is ongoing and that rosters will be due in January 2004. Don will work with the age group coordinators on team numbers and division placements.

Ken Perregaux announced that Tina Cleverdon, a former MUYSA player and assistant coach, has volunteered to coach the U14 Girls Division 1 team for the spring season. Tina is currently a Nipmuc varsity player. Tryouts for the team will be held on Sunday, December 14th, at 7:00 PM at the new Auburn facility. All U14 Girls registered to play in the spring of 2004 will be invited to the tryout. There will be independent evaluators present.

Ed Mullarkey, Grover field coordinator, stated that the irrigation system has been installed at Grover field. The electrical connections will be wired in the near future. Ed mentioned that the street parking signs were installed. Minor adjustments need to be made to finalize the project. Mark Fitzgerald reminded everyone that Kiwanis Beach field will be offline for the spring for repairs. He also stated that the West River Street project should undergo construction in the spring of 2004.

Mark Fitzgerald gave an update for Mike Brodeur, MUYSA Educational Director, with regards to the scheduling of a coach’s license course for the spring. Mike is working to confirm a date with MYSA sometime in March 2004. Mike is working to schedule a goal keepers clinic and model session as well. Mike will report back to the club with scheduling information.

Chris Wojotowicz, MUYSA Referee Coordinator, gave a fall 2003 season summary. Chris noted that as the season progressed he was pleased with the referees performance and coverage of the games. Chris noted that a refresher course for the referees will be held prior to the spring 2004 season.

Ken Perregaux noted that a request for the use of the Miscoe Hill lower gym, during March, has been submitted .

There was a general discussion regarding MUYSA Equipment and team balls. This was tabled until next meeting and a report from the MUYSA Equipment Coordinator, Chris Schimp.

There was a general discussion of the future responsibilities of the Registrar and the division of duties. Ken Perregaux will submit a proposal to the club for future discussion.

Ken Perregaux noted that a volunteer for answering the telephone hotline is still needed.

Artie Digregorio, By Law Committee Member, submitted for MUYSA’s review and consideration amendments to the existing By Laws. These items will be voted on at a later meeting.

There was a general discussion regarding the divisional placement of the U14 girls program for the spring 2004. Many voices were heard on the subject matter with varying philosophies expressed. After an open and lengthy discussion on the matter, it was determined that the matter would be closed until team distributions were finalized with the age group coaches and coordinator in early January. Ken Perregaux, MUYSA U14 Girls Coordinator, thanked all those present that participated in the discussion.

Don Morin, MUYSA Treasurer, noted that the club had set aside funds for an irrigation project at the Miscoe Hill field many years ago. Don mentioned that we needed to expend the funds or reclass them as part of our annual financial statement. After a general discussion this item was tabled until a future meeting.

Mark Fitzgerald mentioned that there were two outstanding items from the previous meeting that being the Hood field and Miscoe Hill Coordinators for the Spring 2004 season. Ken Perregaux will contact Fran Soucey regarding Hood Field. Mark Murray confirmed he will be the Miscoe Hill Field Coordinator.

The next MUYSA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6, 2004 at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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