Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2002

Attendees: Rob, Ken P. Dave R. Artie, Hank, Jim H., Brian Massey, Don, Gene, Chris W., Mike Campagna, Jill, Chris S., Ed M., Mark F., Brian Mazar, Peter B., ??

1) Review July Minutes Mark F.

a) None

2) Registration Mark F./Rob W.

Finalize Fall Registration
600+ kids now registered.
Rob needs to know when teams are picking. Coaches send coordinators send Rob details.
Do we need a policy on refunds?
Need guidelines in by-laws for roster size for U12 and up. Some teams appear to be having more than 18 and others want to hold below that number.
Only age 6 and up are allowed to play. Must put in by-laws as well.
Need for new Registrar Brian M./Rob W.
CMYSL schedule Don M.
1st cut of schedule is out for review. There will be 10 games. Rob will generate rosters for the coaches. No pass cards are required.

3) Bylaw Committee Update Art D. /Ken P/Don M/Mike B

a) Latest draft is on the website. Need to get approved in the next 2 months.

4) Coaches Education Update Mike B.

a) "F" course August 25
b) Will try to do "E" course in November.
c) There will be model sessions on Aug. 24th for U8 and U10 but some seemed to think that U12 session will be better as U8 and U10 are pretty close to each other. Gary Crompton will run.

5) Soccer 101 camp – 7-29 to 8-2

How did it go? Mark F.
Kids had a good time and it was well attended.

6) Field Coordinators Update

Issues around fall field use Brian M.
Miscoe – use for U10 B+G practice and games.
Colonial – practice for U12 and Up girls
Kiwanis – practice for U12 and Up boys and all games
Colonial Field Irrigation Ed M. /Don M.
a) W/ no water source it will cost $6000.
It will cost $13,000 to pump out of the river. Too prohibitive.
Suggesting to dig a well.
Get quotes for next meeting. Don and Ed.
b) Still working on parking under the power lines. Brian Massey looking into doing grading.
Kiwanis Beach field Mark F.
Miscoe Hill Field Jim H.
 Field restrictions: Can't use before 5:30 on the following days: 8/25,9/8,9/15,9/22,9/29,10/6,11/3. We can start using on 8/25.
Hood Field Mike B.
Memorial Field ???

Will need to get permission to use this field. Brian Mazar

7) Fall Uniforms Mark F.

a) Orders are coming in and we will be having 2 uniform nights to distribute. Mark will provide Rob w/ the number of kids and Rob will put together a mailing for coaqches to notify their kids as to when to go to the Soccer Spot.

8) Coaches jackets Mark F.

a) No news.

9) Equipment Coordinator Brian M.

a) Ice packs/ first aid kits
b) Brian has ordered ice packs. There will be a large kit for Hood field. A motion was put forth to get First Aid kits for all coaches and approved. Brian will order.

10) Website Utilization Jim H./Hank E.

Review of new website
Those that have viewed the new site say that it looks good. Field coordinators can directly fill in field usage. We should try to get other content up there as well including coaching tips and a link to the Mass Youth site.

Other Content
Decision was made to flip to the new web site. Redirects will now point to A motion was made and approved to authorize $60 to insure that we keep all 4 and .com, and

Don will send directions and maps for all CMYSL games to Hank.

Mark will provide last sets of minutes to Hank.

11) Indoor Soccer/club involvement? Don M.

a) Passed.

12) Fiscal '02 update Don M.

a) Income - $50,806.90

b) Expenses $43,917.72

13) Need for more volunteers

a) Suggestions Everyone

Brian will put an ad in the Town Crier asking for volunteers. Until we get more help we can't do more things.

14) Next meeting date and location

a) 9/3

15) Other

Need to remind people that NO DOGS are allowed at
Town Beach in Upton..

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