Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association Meeting Minutes

Date/Venue: September 4, 2001 / Rose Garden Restaurant, Upton, MA

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM


Present: Rick Bennett, Peter Bloznalis, Mike Campagna, Craig Chancellor, Artie Digregorio, David Dorenzo, Hank Eaton, Mark Fitzgerald, Joe Flaherty, Rudy Ferrucci, Jill Lawson, Brian Mazar, Don Morin, Mike Neri, Steve Niedzialkoski, Ken Perregaux, John Peterson, David Rizzo, Rob Walters.

The Minutes from the July 25, 2001 Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Brian Mazar reviewed the MUYSA Coordinators for the Fall 2001 season:

Mark Fitzgerald reported that the Soccer 101 camp held in August was a big success. There were over One Hundred (100) participants in the camp. Mark interviewed several campers and parents, after the week of camp, and everyone is looking forward to coming back next year. Steve Niedzialkoski mentioned that we should try and coordinate the Soccer 101 camp program with the Athletic Director, Jim Grant, at the High School so that no scheduling conflicts occur with the summer camps he sponsors. Several MUYSA members stated that they like to have the option of either camp and had children attending both of the camps this past summer. Brian Mazar suggested that Steve speaks with Jim or Mike Grant so that we can discuss the matter further and try to work together to benefit both summer programs. All members present agreed. Steve will discuss with Jim or Mike Grant.

Brian Mazar asked for general feedback from the MUYSA Coordinators in preparation for the Fall 2001 season. After a general discussion it was decided that Mike Campagna will take over the role of U10B Coordinator for the remainder of the season. The following is a list of the MUYSA Coordinators for the Fall 2001:

Boys Girls

U14B – David Dorenzo
U12B - Gene Peterman
U10B - Mike Campagna
U08B - Joe Flaherty
U06B - Jill Lawson

U14G - Dave Rizzo
U12G - Brian Mazar
U10G - Mark Fitzgerald
U08G - Mike Brodeur
U06G - Jill Lawson

Brian Mazar reviewed the MUYSA Field Coordinators for the Fall 2001:

Mendon Upton

Memorial – Jill Lawson
Hood - Joe Flaherty
Clough - Matt Atkinson
Miscoe - Jim Housekeeper
Colonial - Steve Niedzialkoski

Memorial - Mike Brodeur
Kiwanis - Off Line Until Spring

Hank Eaton, our webmaster, requested that all Coordinators send their Fall schedules to him so he can post them on MUYSA's website. Hank's email is: Don Morin will work with Hank Eaton on providing existing documentation for league policies, age group rules, referee rules and field maps for posting on the website.

Rob Walters reminded everyone to encourage and/or direct parents with questions to the web site:

Rob Walters, MUYSA Registrar, reported that approximately 700 children have enrolled in the Fall 2001 program. Late registration for the younger age groups (U10, U8, U6) are still being received and accepted. The older age groups (U12, U14) are not accepted after August 1st because of a requirement of the Central Mass. Youth Soccer League (CMYSL) registration deadline. Rob reminded all Coordinators to be sure each team has their medical release forms sorted and that each coach needs to have them present with them at all times on the sideline. Rob reminded Coordinators to follow up on the few remaining Kids Safe forms outstanding. Any coach who has not completed a form will NOT be allowed to coach.

Don Morin, CMYSL coordinator, updated everyone on the CMYSL Fall planning meeting held in August. Don distributed schedules and maps to the U12 and U14 coaches for the Fall 2001 season. Don requested that all changes to the Fall schedule be made through him so he could coordinate the referees accordingly. Brian Mazar and Don both iterated that the Field Coordinators are responsible for the cancellation of the games, due to inclement weather, not the coaches. For U12 and U14 teams game cancellation decisions will be made as early as 7:00 AM (for 9:00 AM games) to allow time for visiting teams to contact their players. Jim Housekeeper, Miscoe Hill Field Coordinator, will work with Don Morin on game cancellation decisions.

Joe Flaherty reported that the coaches clinic held on August 25th had eleven (11) participants who all achieved the "F" coaching license from Mass Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). After a general discussion about when to schedule the next coaches clinic it was decided to consider having a clinic in February or March of 2002. This subject will be discussed again at the October meeting. Joe Flaherty will report back on available dates offered by MYSA to run the clinic.

Steve Niedzialkoski reported on the status of the town referees. Steve mentioned the conflicts that arise, as many referees play in the High School program, on Saturday mornings with the High School practicing schedule. Steve went over the appropriate rules and regulations for all age group referees. It was noted that the U6 program will not require referees this year. As a result of the shortage of referees Brian Mazar made a motion to pay all referees $15.00 per U10 game and $10.00 per U8 game. Rob Walters seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Steve Niedzialkoski requested that a letter be sent to all eligible soccer players (6th grade) who want to learn to referee. Rob Walters will coordinate the referee application letter with Steve. Steve will work with Don Morin, Treasurer, on the process for paying the referees.

Jill Lawson reported that the U6 program is scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 8th, 2001. Coaches will report to Memorial Field in Mendon at 9:00 AM for instruction by Gary Crompton of Soccer 101. Gary will hand out literature and demonstrate drills for the coaches. The U6 players will show up at 10:30 AM and be ready to learn soccer skills. Mike Brodeur will assist Gary Crompton in coordinating the coaches. It was noted that there are over One Hundred (100) participants in the U6 program.

Brian Mazar has scheduled a coaches clinic with Bill Lever, the Nipmuc boys Varsity Soccer Coach, for Wednesday, September 5th, 2001 at 5:45 PM. All coaches are encouraged to attend and to be ready to participate in practice drills with the Varsity Team.

Ken Perregaux requested that the club revisit the current uniform policy. Ken will investigate options and report back to the club at the next meeting with uniform choices and pricing.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2nd, at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer Association

Mark Fitzgerald

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