Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting
October 2, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Ron Atkinson, Peter Bloznalis, Mike Campagna, Mark Fitzgerald, Jill Lawson, Brian Mazar, Don Morin, Steve Niedzialkoski, Rob Walters.

The Minutes from the September 4, 2001 Meeting were read and approved.

Rob Walters, MUYSA Registrar, reported that 710 children have enrolled in the fall program. Rob requested that coordinators follow up with their coaches regarding four (4) outstanding Kids Safe forms. Rob suggested that the spring registration be accomplished via email as opposed to US mail or some combination of both. The goal would be to minimize the US mail registrations. There was a general discussion about the process and establishing separate deadlines for different age groups. Don Morin, MAYS (Midland Area Youth Soccer) Coordinator, stated that a meeting for MAYS will be held in November and that he will report back to our club with registration deadline information and converse with Rob for the registration deadlines. Rob reminded everyone to encourage use of our website ( for players seeking registration forms. There was also a general discussion about registration being available during the basketball program at Nipmuc high school. Volunteers will be needed to work the tables. Firm dates will be determined and posted via the newspaper.

Brian Mazar, MUYSA President, reminded those present that the U6 and U8 spring programs will remain in town with no travel schedule. Brian also stated that the U10, U12, U14 & U16 spring soccer will be participating in the MAYS traveling program. There was a general discussion about the determination of divisional play for the MAYS spring program. It was determined that age group coordinators and coaches meet immediately after registration is completed to establish teams and divisional play.

Jill Lawson, U6 Coordinator, reported that there are 118 participants in the newly formatted U6 program. Jill stated that there were 36 parents that had volunteered to help coach the children. Jill will continue to get feedback from parents on the new program which she stated is mostly very positive.

Don Morin provided the club with a CMYSL (Central Mass Youth Soccer League) update on schedules and referees. Things have been running relatively smoothly so far. Brian Mazar commented that the reason for things working out with CMYSL was in large part due to Don reworking numerous scheduling conflicts early on in the process.

Steve Niedzialkoski, MUYSA Referee Coordinator, gave an update on the fall season. There was a general discussion regarding the noticeable improvement of the referees this season. It was also noted that the town program has had no reports of referees not showing up. Steve will coordinate a “Grade 11” referee license clinic for March of 2002. Don Morin will provide a letter for a mailing to prospective referees and coordinate with Steve.

There was a general discussion about scheduling a coaches clinic for the February / March time frame. Brian Mazar will discuss with Joe Flaherty about scheduling a date with MYSA (Mass Youth Soccer Association) depending on the level of interest within our club.

It was reported that four (4) of our coaches attended a boy’s high school soccer practice where Bill Lever (varsity soccer coach) reviewed tactics with his team for the benefit of our MUYSA coaches. Brian Mazar will thank Bill for his time spent educating our coaches.

Steve Niedzialkoski spoke with Jim Grant and extended an invitation to attend any of MUYSA’s monthly meetings (the first Tuesday of every month) in order to eliminate any conflicts with the two (2) different summer soccer camps provided in town.

There was a general discussion about all of the soccer fields. Colonial and Kiwanis fields are in need of having irrigation systems installed. Mark Fitzgerald reported that the drainage repairs have not been started at Kiwanis field yet and that he is still trying to get this scheduled via the town Parks and Recreation Department. Brian Mazar reminded everyone about the importance of getting that work completed as the club will be losing both Memorial (Upton) and Clough fields due to school renovation projects. Mark made a motion that the club purchase a storage shed for Kiwanis Field. The motion was seconded by Brian Mazar. The motion carried unanimously. Mark will coordinate the purchase, probably in the spring, with the Parks and Recreation Department. Mark reported that the West River Street is currently being engineered for field layouts and off street parking.

Brian Mazar announced that MYSA annually reviews recommendations for “Coach of the Year”. Anyone who has a nomination should see Brian.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th, at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer Association

Mark Fitzgerald


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