Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association Meeting Minutes

Date/Venue: March 14, 2001 / Rose Garden Restaurant, Upton, MA


Officers: Brian Mazar-President, Bill Vitalini-Treasurer Joe Flaherty-Secretary, Rob Walters-Registrar

Others: Rick Bennett, Mike Campagna, Mark Fitzgerald, John Patrick, Gene Peterman, Mark Armstrong, Chris Wojtowicz, Jeff Kwapien, Don Morin, Steve Niedzialkoski


  1. George Kent and Colin Davidson of the Special Olympics briefed the club on a unified team program they run. These teams consist of Special Olympic athletes and helpers. The club will check on interest.
  2. Referee Clinic – Steve Niedzialkoski briefed there were 21 grade 11 Ref's and 6 grade 8's that attended the Ref clinic March 10.
  3. Coaches "E" Clinic Update – Joe Flaherty has arranged for an "E" coaches clinic in March for members of the club free of charge and for outside members for $80.00. This will be a two-day course on Saturday/Sunday, March 17-18 at Miscoe Hill. Anyone interested should contact Joe (478-9289) for more details. In order to attend, one must have previously attended the F clinic. This is a first come first serve registration with a limit of 25 attendees, 19 are already registered.
  4. Registration Update – The are still many forms needed back from players, coordinators and coaches need to get these turned in. Kidsafe forms are also needed for many coaches, this is not an option.
  5. Summer Camp Update – The Club voted to go with Soccer 101 as the intown soccer camp during the summer. This will occur the week of August 6-10, flyers will follow.
  6. Next scheduled meeting is April 11 at 7:15pm at the Rose Garden.

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