Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
Association Meeting Minutes

Date/Venue: June 13, 2001 / Rose Garden Restaurant, Upton, MA


Present: Rick Bennett, David Dorenzo, Mark Fitzgerald, Jill Lawson, Brian Mazar, Steve McKaw, Mike Neri, John Patrick, Ken Perregaux, Gene Peterman, Larry Sabean, Gordon Scott, Bill Vitalini, Rob Walters.


  • Brian Mazar stated that the Tom Grover Colonial Field Dedication Game held on Sunday, June 10, 2001 was a big success. Several previous players coached by Tom Grover played against current MUYSA coaches. The youngsters came out on top with a 4-3 victory over the coaches.
  • All coaches and coordinators were reminded that registration deadline for the Fall 2001 season is August 1, 2001.
  • Mark Fitzgerald reported that the Kiwanis Beach field has been fertilized and double slice seeded. The drainage repairs are scheduled to be complete by this fall. The field will be made available to the club for use in the spring of 2002.
  • There was a general discussion about the use of Clough and Memorial (Upton) field usage this fall. Both schools are scheduled for renovation and the fields may be used for staging areas. Gene Peterman thought that the work schedules have been pushed off until after the fall soccer season. He was going to follow up with the school committee for the latest schedule and report back to the club.
  • Mark Fitzgerald has a scheduled meeting with the DPW director, the Recreation Committee and Bob Hendersen regarding the development of new soccer fields on West River Street. Bob Hendersen has donated the land to the town of Upton for new fields. Mark will update the club next meeting with the proposed schedule for bringing the new field on line.
  • Brian Mazar reminded field coordinators that request for fields need to be submitted for use this fall.
  • Coaches and coordinators are reminded that Soccer 101 has been retained to run a soccer camp at Miscoe Hill School the week of August 6-10. Currently there are over fifty (50) players signed up from Mendon-Upton. Mark Fitzgerald agreed to place a notice of the soccer camp in the Town Crier.
  • Coaches and coordinators were reminded that Soccer 101 is running a free clinic on Monday, June 18th, 2001 at the Clough School from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. This is an informal way for the players who have not attended a camp to see what type of activities to expect at camp and to meet some of the counselors.
  • Brian Mazar suggested that we continue with our coaches training program. He asked that Joe Flaherty be contacted to schedule an "F" course in July or August. Mark Fitzgerald will speak with Joe Flaherty.
  • There was a general discussion about the open positions for the club which include: Treasurer, Secretary, MAYS Coordinator, CMAYS Coordinator (fall), and MUYSA Coordinators for the fall season .
  • MUYSA Coordinators for the fall season are as follows:

    Boys Girls
    U14B – David Dorenzo U14G - ?
    U12B - Gene Peterman U12G - Brian Mazar
    U10B - Chris Wojtowicz U10G - Mark Fitzgerald
    U08B - Joe Flaherty U08G - Mike Brodeur
    U06B - Jill Lawson U06G - Jill Lawson
  • Rick Bennett will serve as the interim MAYS Coordinator until a replacement volunteer is found.
  • Don Morin will serve as the CMAYS Coordinator for this coming 2001 fall season.
  • Mark Fitzgerald nominated Don Morin for the position of Treasurer. The motion was seconded by Brian Mazar. The remaining members voted unanimously for Don Morin. Don Morin will be the Treasurer for a three (3) year term.
  • Rob Walters nominated Sylvia Story for the position of Secretary. Jill Lawson seconded the motion. Brian Mazar nominated Mark Fitzgerald for Secretary. Rick Bennett seconded the motion. The motions were put to the floor for the voting members. Sylvia Story received one (1) vote. Mark Fitzgerald received five (5) votes. Mark Fitzgerald will be the Secretary for a three (3) year term.
  • Rob Walters made a presentation to the club on restructuring our player development program at the U6 level for both boys and girls. The basis of this new program would be focused on teaching methods (skills) as opposed to team alignments (games). There was a general discussion about this methodology. Rob Walters proposed that the club consider a new position of Coaching Coordinator in order to ensure the proper implementation of this program and to oversee the volunteer coaches. It was voted unanimously to begin this program in the Fall of 2001. Rob Walters will interview Coaching Coordinator and report back to the club.
  • There was a general discussion about meeting on a different evening each month. Brian will check on the availability of establishments and members.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 25th, at 7:15 PM at the Rose Garden.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.


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