Mendon-Upton Youth Soccer
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Officers: Brian Mazar - President, Bill Vitalini - Treasurer, Joe Flaherty - Secretary, Rob Walters - Registrar

Others: Rick Bennett, Don Morin, Mike Brodeur, Mike Bertrand, Mike Campagna, Art Digregorio, Ken Perregaux, Randy Hopkins, Mark Fitzgerald, Bruce Brien, Dave Rizzo, Rudy Ferrucci, Gordon Scott, Dave Dorenzo, Dan Labastie, Rick St Germain, Steve McCaw, Keith Brady, John Patrick , Hank Eaton, Dan Flynn


  1. MAYS Update – Rick Bennett updated the club on the MAYS registration requirements for the upcoming spring session. He distributed copies of the MAYS guidelines to the age group coordinators to assists with setting up teams in the spring. The guidelines describe how many teams can be entered into each division, which age groups requires pass cards, etc. Rick also mentioned that any player who wishes to "play up", i.e. play in an older age group than he/she is supposed to based on birth date, needs prior approval from MAYS. The club will need to send a letter to MAYS for each player that intends to "play up" in the spring. Rick also mentioned that MAYS is considering putting together a fall program, given all the issues that have occurred with CMYSL the past few seasons. It will be discussed at future MAYS league meetings.
  2. Referee Clinic – Steve Niedzialkoski was unable to attend, but it was mentioned that he is putting together a referee clinic on March 10, 2001 at Miscoe Hill for boys/girls at least 12 years of age who wish to become certified referees. Anyone interested should contact Steve for more details 473-5212
  3. Coaches "E" Clinic – Joe Flaherty has arranged for an "E" coaches clinic in March for members of the club. After discussion, it was decided to hold the two day course on Saturday/Sunday, March 17-18 at Miscoe Hill. Anyone interested should contact Joe for more details. In order to attend, one must have previously attended the F clinic. This is a first come first serve registration with a limit of 25 attendees, 16 are already registered.
  4. Spring Registration – Rob Walters distributed lists of players who have and have not registered for the spring session as of December 18th. He encouraged coordinators to ask the coaches to start calling around to increase the number of players registered. To date, the numbers are very low and the registration deadline of January 8, 2001 is fast approaching.
  5. Financial Update – Bill Vitalini distributed the P&L statement for the previous five months (June 1, 2000 – November 30, 2000). The club had a net loss of $3048 over this time period, with a large amount of money going into field maintenance. The club is still in good financial shape, but expects to continue operating with a net loss as field maintenance will continue to require funding as we put new fields on line (e.g. Colonial Drive) while others are taken off line (e.g. Kiwanis) for reseeding
  6. Field Information – It was agreed that Hood Field in Mendon would be used for all U-6 and U-8 play in the spring, Clough School for U-10, and Miscoe Hill for U-12 and U-14 games, with Colonial Drive being used for U-12 and U-14 practices. Kiwanis will not be used during the spring 2001 session. During the discussion, a question regarding nets being left at the Memorial Park in Mendon and the Memorial School in Upton was raised. As a result, Don Morin volunteered to retrieve the nets from Memorial Park and bring them to the shed at Hood Field, while Ken Perregaux agreed to ask Mark Fitzgerald to retrieve the goals from Memorial School and bring them also to Hood Field. The club decided to assign field coordinators for the spring session at the January meeting.
  7. Team Alignment – This topic had lots of discussion. First, the U-12 boys/girls tryouts were discussed. Brian Mazar gave an overview of how the process worked, with an outside consultant being hired to coordinate the tryout and the selection of the Division 1 players. About sixty boys and forty-five girls attended the tryout on at least one of the two days they were held. It was agreed that things did not go as smoothly as intended, mainly on the boys side, especially in the way players were notified. The notification process was promised to take two weeks, but ended up taking over five. Also, not all players were contacted at the same time, causing the "rumor mill" in "Mayberry" to churn and kids found out they made the team or didn't make the team from their friends. The club agreed that there should be no need for an outsider to be brought in for tryouts in the future, but a meeting of the coaches should be held to rate the players and select the appropriate players for the division 1, 2, and 3 teams. Rick Bennett stated that except for the first 8-10 players, it was very difficult to select the division 1 boys team, as there were many boys that looked similar in a single tryout and could be much more fairly evaluated by coaches who saw the players over a 10 game schedule.
    It was also felt that one not need to "broadcast" what division a team is in, but simply provide the players with the team roster, coaches, schedule, directions, etc. and not make a big deal about what division the team was entered in. A question was asked about coach selection for division 1, 2, and 3 teams, and it was agreed that all coaches should get together and mutually select who should coach which divisional teams. The more involvement we have among all coaches the better it is for the club.
    Discussion also took place around player selection for lower age groups. It was agreed that it is up to the coordinators & coaches to balance the teams and make them even for in-town play, and to best align the teams for travel/divisional play. As the club gets larger each year, league bylaws and guidelines need to be documented and followed to avoid potential problems with parents and/or players in the future. Further discussion about establishing guidelines needs to take place at upcoming meetings.
  1. Summer Camp Update – postponed to the January meeting
  2. Opens – Brian Mazar mentioned that George Kent of the Special Olympics wants to talk to the club about the fall Special Olympics in 2001. Brian agreed to invite George to the February meeting.
  3. Next scheduled meeting is Jan. 10 at 7:15pm at the Rose Garden.

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